Controversy Over The Chanel 22 Bag

Controversy Over The Chanel 22 Bag

What is it about a brand-new bag? We get so excited that the idea of a complementing accessory for our wardrobes just seems ideal. Well, you would think this would be the case for a new bag from Chanel. But it seems rather this bag is getting more controversial recently.

Designers come out with new styles all the time; I mean that is what fashion is all about being forward thinking. Maybe even nostalgic, but it seems when it comes to the Chanel 22 bag it is anything but. So, what exactly is the hype about this bag? I will tell you in this mini list below.

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         It looks like a garbage bag
Controversy Over The Chanel 22 Bag
Photo: Chanel 22 Bag 

This might sound a bit harsh, but according to online comments a lot of people have been stressing this statement. Personally, I think it just has a casual dressy feel, without causing any fuss and is ideal for any occasion.

         If it is the new "IT BAG" count me out

Chanel 22 Bag The "IT Bag"
Photo: Chanel Ready-To-Wear 22/23 Chanel 22 Bag 

Apparently, a bag highlighted across social media made a lot of people angry. I personally can’t understand why? I mean it’s a bag not something scary. Even when a bag becomes popular, it doesn’t mean you should disown it for life. 
         It looks cheap

The Chanel 22 Bag 2022
Photo: Chanel 22 Bag in Chanel Boutique 

I can understand the thought behind that. If you compare the quality of designer bags in general, you will see they have significantly gotten worse in quality. It is another reason why vintage seems to be the golden standard. Normally, people will notice the leather being much thinner, the hardware seeming more flimsy.    


        Mixing retro and modern looks basic

Chanel Ready To Wear Collection Spring 2022
               Photo: Chanel Ready-To-Wear Spring 22/23 Show 

They can’t be more wrong in their thoughts here. So apparently people were frowning on the idea that this bag looks retro and modern, but mixing this style just isn’t for them. I personally, love the idea of rocking vintage and modern elements together. It gives a fresh perspective to a classic design.

The Outrageous Price

Chanel as a fashion house is known for raising their prices, and when it comes to the Chanel 22 bag it isn’t immune. The best way around this is to try the preloved market. They have in-house authenticators, and you can trust that everything on their site is authentic.

I have sold and shopped with them myself and I can honestly say they are worth it to consider. When you shop with them, you can get your hands on bags that are in such incredible shape that they don’t even look used. The two on the market that I completely trust are, The Real Real & Fashionphile and they ship internationally.

What is your take on the controversy surrounding the Chanel 22 Bag?

Written by Heather Noire


  1. Oh wow! I didn't know this... kind of amusing really how people react on social media. The garbage bag comment is funny, kind of pricey to call it that! :) I like it in the bold colors!


  2. It's a nice bag but I don't think I'd ever buy it.

    Curated by Jennifer

  3. Thank you for the information

  4. I think it's a fun bag, but when I invest in something high-end I typically go for a more classic style + shape. I do love the way Chanel is trying something new and fun, though!

    New post up here, hope you'll come check it out!

  5. I honestly can't imagine getting into a hissy fit over a bag. A bag. Some people really need to rethink their priorities!

  6. I really like this bag. I can´t understand the discussion. If one don´t like it, no one has to buy it. Personally I´m not into this "designer-bag-thing", but I´m absolutely with you in general, when you say, you love the idea of rocking vintage and modern elements together. Same here. Have a wonderful new month, love x S.Mirli

  7. I didn't know about any of this.

  8. I didn't know there was any controversy around this bag! Super interesting to know how fans reacted as I'm not a massive designer bag girl myself. Thanks for sharing :)

    mia //

  9. I'm loving it and think it's great that they are changing it up. My hubby also thinks it looks like a garbage bag.

  10. it's definitely not the bag for me - but I couldn't afford it even if I liked it anyway, haha!

    Hope your day is going well :)

    Away From The Blue

  11. I think it's gorgeous, but I just can't see myself ever spending that much money on a handbag!!

  12. If I was buying a Chanel bag it wouldn't be this one. I don't hate it but I don't love it either. I respect them for having the courage to keep innovating. Thanks for linking

  13. Very special, but nt for my wallet I'm afraid!

  14. It's an interesting bag but not for me, I prefer more structured bags. Chanel always seems to create a buzz! I agree with you about pre loved and I have heard good things about both Fashionphile and The Real Real xx

  15. Some of my favorite influencers have this bag and I do like it, but I agree I don't like it enough for the price.

    Allie of