Controversy Surrounding The Discontinuing Of The Chanel Gabrielle Bag

The Gabrielle Chanel Bag Discontinuing 2023

A transitional major bestseller, and now The Gabrielle Bag from Chanel is being completely discontinued. What does this say about the brand going forward? This isn’t the first popular style from the French fashion house to take the road of discontinuing, some other special pieces including The Medallion Tote, Grand Shopper known as the” GST” were also conveniently discontinued. And how does this impact the consignment preowned market? It drives handbag addict mania to the forefront. 

Gabrielle Chanel Bag Discontinuing 2023
Photo: Gabrielle Chanel Bag Street Style Discontinuing 

I have noticed first hand, how some bags on preloved sites have gone up in value even higher than what these bags cost at retail value. With the economy being a tad shaky now, the idea of paying such hefty prices is unrealistic. For others, it is a matter of finding one in the best shape and maybe even a possible discount. 

Gabrielle Chanel Bag 2023
Photo: Gabrielle Chanel Bag 2023 Discontinuing 

The best places to look for The Gabrielle Bag from Chanel, or any of the other well-known discontinued gems by the French brand are places like The Real Real who I highly recommend for a discount since you can get 20% off on your entire purchase, Fashionphile who has a great selection of Gabrielle Bags including different colours and styles. And many other discontinued treasures over the years, including most famously, The Chanel GST, PTT, Chanel Jumbo Single Flap Bag, and Medallion tote. 

Chanel Gabrielle Bag
Photo: Bag 

A woman's purse should be able to hold her whole life—usually some combination of phone, keys, wallet, charger, snacks, more comfortable shoes, receipts, lip balm, a computer, hand lotion, more snacks. Perhaps intuiting this, the Gabrielle is big enough to fit all these things and can adapt to be worn seven different ways, even as a fanny pack.

Gabrielle Chanel Bag
Photo: Gabrielle Chanel Bag Getty Images

Style advice, a pop of colour is always fun but for a really good time go for a more modern and classic piece. It is the best way to go, and you don’t have to worry about the bag working for all seasons. The Gabrielle even discounted has an evergreen and modern feel, while it stays and continues to be chic and effortless.

Here are some links so you can shop this gorgeous bag for yourself and not miss out on these amazing deals.

What do you think about The Gabrielle Bag from Chanel being discontinued?

Written by Heather Noire