22 October 2021

Irina Shabayeva Is Ruling The Fashion Game

I have to be honest; I really love fashion. And not just the typical things associated with the industry. I adore creativity, originality, powerhouse, attitude, and truly great style. That is how I would describe Irina Shabayeva. She is the winner off season six off Project Runway. Her New York-inspired women’s warrior collection is what set her apart from the rest of the competitors and made her ultimately stand out and win. 

Irina Shabayeva "I wanted to send a message that it's OK to be a woman and be fragile, but it's also OK to have a layer of armor, because you need it." -Irina 

The Fashion Cult
Source: The Fashion Cult 

The Fashion Cult
Source: The Fashion Cult 

Project Runway focuses on fashion design. Designers compete, to create the best clothes and are restricted by time, materials, and theme. Their designs are judged by a panel, and one or more designers is eliminated each week. Talk about pressure, right? Well for Irina, this never bothered her. She continued to show her talents through each stage in her life, since winning and it’s been incredibly impressive. 

MJZ Pret a porter
Photo: MJZ prêt a porter l'officiel paris featuring Helena Gatsby

MJZ prêt a porter
Photo: MJZ prêt a porter l'officiel paris 

MJZ prêt a porter
Photo: MJZ prêt a porter l'officiel paris

MJZ prêt a porter
Photo: MJZ prêt a porter l'officiel paris

MJZ prêt a porter
Photo: MJZ prêt a porter l'officiel paris 

MJZ prêt a porter
Photo: MJZ prêt a porter l'officiel paris 

Competing on All Stars from Project Runway, which was equally as fun and competitive with an edge, Irina showed her versatility she possesses and that hasn’t stopped her from ruling the fashion game. Especially, since she can turn a garment out and make it look very expensive. 


I had the pleasure to ask Irina 5 quick questions, for my interview with her and she didn’t disappoint. 


Heather Noire: How has Project Runway shaped you as a designer? 


Irina Shabayeva: I don’t think Project Runway has shaped me as a designer. It did, however, give me a great opportunity to show my work to a large audience. I think my experience in the fashion industry and my education most of all has shaped me as a designer. While working on my BFA at Parsons School Design, I learned all the technical as well as creative skills needed to execute my ideas. Contrary to what most people think about art and design school it’s a lot of hard work. Any Parsons Fashion BFA alumni will tell you, that we had very little almost no time for a social life and ran on 4-6 hours of sleep a night for the four years it took to complete the design program. Between writing papers for our liberal arts courses, illustration classes, draping and pattern making classes we were completely booked. I am grateful for my education because it gave me confidence and taught me how to master my creative skills. 


Heather Noire: Where do you find your creativity? 


Irina Shabayeva: I find creativity everywhere. Everyday life and nature never cease to inspire. I love bookstores, museums, and large bodies of water, that’s where I’m most inspired. 


Heather Noire: Is there a misconception about you?


Irina Shabayeva: There are no misconceptions. Everyone is entitled to an opinion and understands things from their level of perception. With that being said, I think the world still views confident ambitious women a lot differently than confident ambitious men. I have no interest in fitting into antiquated ideas of femininity. 


Heather Noire: What sneak peek off your current projects are you working on as we speak? 


Irina Shabayeva: I am currently working on a Pret a porter/ready to wear collection for Maison MJZ in Paris and New York. It’s a Parisian based couture house, that specializes in high end couture made to order pieces in exotic materials. MAISONMJZ.com In addition to designing the MJZ couture, we are expanding into the luxury ready to wear market. The ready to wear collection is more an “effortless chic” look made in luxurious leathers and jerseys. The ready to wear collection will be available to purchase in early 2022. 


Heather Noire: Why did you decide to become a designer? 


Irina Shabayeva: I loved art from an early age. I started drawing and painting at the age of 5. I don’t think I decided to become a designer, I followed my talents where they led me organically. I went to Parsons with the intent of becoming a painter and complete the fine art program. I ended up in the fashion program because it seemed more exciting to me. I love sculpture/sculping and design, that to me translated to fashion design. 


Interview written and conducted by Heather Noire of Bauchle Fashion.


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