Rachel Zoe Answer's My Question

Find out what Rachel Zoe has to say about this season's trends, and it pieces. Get her advice on making it in the fashion world. And find out more about what drives her in her work! Enjoy! ‪#‎AskTheDesigner‬

Photography Rachel Zoe

BF: Which trend will succeed for fall winter 2015?

RZ: I’m excited to see shearling make a statement in footwear this season. I also always love sleek over-the-knee and classic riding boots!

BF: You're a stylist, an author and a designer. Do you prefer any of your careers over the other?

RZ: I love it all because each role demands a different skill set and poses new challenges. I feel so lucky to have the most incredible team to make doing all of these things possible.

BF: What is your it-piece this season?

RZ: I’m obsessed with the gorgeous suede fringe shift dress from my Pre-Fall 2015 collection!

BF: What advice would you give young entrepreneurs (in the fashion
business)? What was your big learning in your career?

RZ: Leave your ego at home and go into every situation with an open mind and willingness to learn.

BF: If you were not a stylist or a designer in fashion what would you be?

RZ: I would be a child psychologist – their minds are fascinating.

BF: What influences and drives you in your work?

RZ: Everything – art, books, music, and especially the incredibly talented women in my life.

Written by Heather Lisa Noire