Chasing The Light

A while ago I came across amazing images taken by photographer Simon, a London-based photographer with an addiction for shooting intimate moments in the city. I felt so pleased to have the pleasure of interviewing the man behind the b&w city photography. If you would like to get to know Simon a bit better, check out the interview below and wallow in the beauty of these amazing images.

BF- What inspired you to become a photographer?

S- I was always interested in art from a young age, I used to sit in my room flicking through magazines and books and sketch for hours. Then I discovered the camera, and was hooked, I used to play around with every setting until I knew it inside out.

BF- Where are you originally from?

S- Born in the North of England, from a city called Hull. Not many people know it and the few that do associate it with a fishing town still. If anyone is passing by they should visit the William Wilberforce museum.

BF-Who is your favorite photographer?

S- I can’t say I have one favorite, I love masters like Henri Cartier-Bresson, Helmut Newton, Bruce Davidson right through to the supreme colour work of Alex Webb.

BF- Are you a risk taker?

S- Well I take pictures of strangers on the street without hesitation and don’t think about the consequences, most people are ok with it. On a whole I would say that I’m not a risk taker, in fact the complete opposite, I like to be organized and have a plan for everything!

BF-What advice would you give to inspiring photographers?

S-Good question, I do a lot of reading and buy photography books to get inspiration, too many people are focused with buying the next best digital camera or gear. People should go out and shoot with the same camera and lens for at least a year and get to know it inside out. Also learn how to use zone focusing, you don’t need to be fumbling around changing focal lengths and speeds when trying to capture that split second moment, you will miss it.
Check out these lovely photos from his project “Chasing The Light”

Written by Heather Lisa Noire