"Style On The Side"

Caroline has always loved to write so much that she decided to pursue a Fine Arts degree in Screenwriting. Being an accomplished award winner for an edited screenplay, which won awards at Barcelona, New York, and Vancouver film festivals. The care free spirit of the art world is her point of inspiration through festival and life.

Being a world traveler doesn’t hurt either, her known influences with many cultures, architectures, and design, all over Europe makes this fashionista beaming with style. Experimenting with designing storefronts for boutique bags and accessories store in the Toronto shopping district.

The possibilities for Caroline are endless. Evaluating the craft element of her work to achieve something amazing she decided to create a beauty and fashion blog called styleontheside. I got to know her a bit more in this worldly interview.

Heather Noire (BF) What made you want to get into or start blogging?

Caroline (CT) I think that getting into blogging was inevitable for me. I worked as a trainer for many years where I was completely focused on helping people. This coupled with my degree in screenwriting and the work I did in fashion retail made blogging a natural next step.

Heather Noire (BF) Who inspires you?

Caroline (CT) I’m always inspired by strong women entrepreneurs. Anyone who has defied the odds worked their butts off and made it, is an inspiration.

Heather Noire (BF) Where are you originally from?

Caroline (CT) Ha! I like to think of myself as a citizen of the world. I was born in Sweden, I’ve lived in Canada for most of my life, first in Toronto then Vancouver and now I’m living in Poland. My family has always embraced many different cultures and because of that I feel very connected to many of them.

HeatherNoire (BF) What advice would you give to other bloggers?

Caroline (CT) Stay true to yourself. While it’s important to try new things and shake your blog up every now and again don’t forget that people are coming to your site because it’s by you.

Interview written and conducted by Bauchle Fashion’s Editor Heather Lisa Noire.