"The Chic Dynamics Of Toby "

Want stylish editorial images with an A-list touch? Sounds like a job for upcoming fashion photographer, turned business star Toby Nguyen. I can’t count on one hand the number of model stars who rock up in a glamour cover shoot and the end result be flawless. This is precisely what makes Toby Nguyen so special.

Fuss-free with a bold personality, he greets everyone on set with a beaming smile and seems full of creative juice. Toby brings together the grandness of originality, the artistry of emotion, and is inspired by simplicity.

He’s a self-taught photographer, who got involved in the vivid world of high fashion, editorial, and conceptual style, when his father bought him a DSLR camera he was rearing for imaging. In this candid interview, I got to know the industries boss behind the lens in depth. Check it out on Bauchle Fashion’s report. All photography is by Toby Nguyen All Rights Reserved.

BF: How did you get your start in photography?

TN: Photography has always been an interest of mine. I got my first DSLR camera in 2012 and started photographing some of my friends who happened to be signed models for well known modeling agencies.

After a year of shooting models from different agencies, I’ve built a strong portfolio and reputation and eventually got signed with an artist agency and I’ve been working within the fashion industry ever since.

BF: What sort of camera do you feel is the golden camera when shooting?

TN: I used a lot of cameras over the years. Both Cannon and Nikon are my favorite brands, but my go to Camera is Nikon D810.

BF: Where are you originally from?

TN: Portland OR.

BF: Who is your biggest influence and icon?

TN: I have so many photographers that I look up to. But to name a few: Richard Avedon, Ansel Adams, Annie Leibovitz, Patrick Demarchelier, Mario Testino and some younger emerging photographers.

BF: Do you consider yourself a master at photography?

TN: Nope, I still have so much to learn and I will never stop learning. I will never consider myself the best because there’s so many talented people out there and I can never learn enough. I will always want to grow and be better.

BF: What do you fear most?

TN: I fear that I don’t challenge myself enough.

Interview Written and Conducted by Heather Lisa Noire