"The Beauty Lab"

Beauty is perfected with the potent effect, driven by desire to create something truly envious! There’s a skill that makeup artists like Nicole Thompson have developed in an attempt to underestimate beauty behaviour. One thing you learn through diligent people watching is that most women have a huge issue with perfecting their own makeup skills. Let’s be honest here, we are not all trained makeup artists in Italy and Paris, so chances are your makeup routine will not always be picture perfect.

Perhaps it’s not surprising, that women on more then one occasion make the mistake of matching the wrong foundation colour to there skin tone. We have all been there and believe me it isn’t the most pleasant experience. So how do we become motivated and take the beauty world by storm? She’s the MAC-made business icon most women thank every time they put on a matte lipstick. What is the secret to beauty perfection? The motivational makeup artist shares exclusively.

Heather Lisa Noire (BF) Hi Nicole, I was wondering what inspires you in your career? And what advice do you have to people wishing to be in the makeup world? What is your signature look? What is a good colour for paler skin tones?

Nicole Thompson (MAC ARTIST) Hi Heather, everything inspires me in my career!!! The people I work with, past and present references, what is happening in the Fashion and Beauty world, magazines! I have a library of Fashion Magazines. Thank god for the world we live in where we can follow everything immediately on Social Media! I follow my favourite Fashion Photographers, Makeup artists, and hairstylists for constant inspiration!!! Mac tumblr is a great place to start as well- it connects you with our Online videos and tutorials, pictures of what we are up to around the world creating magic!! Signature look! That’s a tough one! I believe in being able to cover many areas of makeup- I would hate to be stuck! I am obsessed with creating the most beautiful skin with the least amount of products possible-anyone can throw on a tone of makeup, it takes real skill and Photographers love it when you can create something amazing without looking heavy or cakey-this is a skill I have been working on for years!

HeatherLisa Noire (BF) For MAC lipstick to last longer on the lips is it best to use lip liner or another method?

Nicole Thompson (MAC ARTIST) Start by using your foundation or concealer to lightly blank out the natural colour of your lips for a blank canvas! Sometimes for clients I lightly powder with MAC prep and prime Translucent Finishing Powder swell for extra hold. YES THE LIP LINER IS A MUST! Draw in your lips with the pencil completely then layover your favourite Lipstick! Blot with a tissue and repeat! I always say-the more layers you add the longer it takes to come off!

Heather Lisa Noire (BF) What are the best effective brushes to use?

Nicole Thompson (MAC ARTIST) My faves!!! #168 brush to buff on foundation smoothly and softly! It is also great to shape the face with Bronzer- grab 2! The #109 Powder brush for specific placement of powder and great coverage, for EYES the #219 brush to place colour around the eyes or smudge out liner, and the #217 brush for the perfect smokey blend! Woo!

HeatherLisa Noire (BF) Who did you look up to when you decided to become a makeup artist?

Nicole Thompson (MAC ARTIST) I was and am still obsessed with Val Garland, the legendary makeup Artist we are so lucky to work with at MAC. I have followed her career and taken inspiration from her! What most inspired me is beyond the fact that she has mastered so many makeup looks and skills in her career; never sticking to one predictable look-she is extremely passionate! She always makes sure to inspire, engage, and energize her team and if I can be anything like that with my team-I will be happy!

Interview by Heather Lisa Noire