"High Voltage"

Since her debut in 2014, it is difficult to classify Marianne Cancrini as simply an Italian designer. Her collection breaks cultural, social, historical, and innovative boundaries. She developed a passion for creativity and design, after spending time in London to learn the English language; Marianne returned to Rome and enrolled at The European Institute Of Design. After working in the design sector, she was inspired to create Phactory Lab; Marianne’s mission with the brand is to offer a city chic collection both in design, wear ability and quality.

Layer varied textures and a statement cape to form the ultimate urban uniform. The black and white sophistication sometimes can be broken over bright colours. The focus on the collection at hand is on the city woman, who looks seemingly casual, while still showing her inner fashionista. The sharp intertwined leather echoes pure delight of intrigue, while enhancing movements of an avant- garde paradise.

The high voltage of a futuristic feel is evident through every intellectual. Phactory Lab’s latest campaign is seductive with a black romance and unique undertones. Some looks never go out of style.

Check out my exclusively trendy interview with Italiano designer Marianne Cancrini. Inspired?

Heather Lisa Noire (BF) How would you describe your brand and what made you want to become a designer?

 Marianne Cancrini (PHLAB) My brand is the material in which my dreams are made. I approach with the fashion system since adolescence and I strongly wanted to start this challenge.

Heather Lisa Noire (BF) Your collection speaks volumes when it comes to uniqueness. Is your own personal style influenced in some of your designs?

 Marianne Cancrini (PHLAB) It is very difficult to design a collection that is foreign to your personal style, but it certainty is the piece that makes a stylist complete and therefore able to embrace the whole market. So far all I have drawn reflects my style essential and minimal, my mentor par excellence is the man with no face: Martin Marginal.

Heather Lisa Noire (BF) What is the biggest challenge when it comes to creating?

Marianne Cancrini (PHLAB) Definitely is the biggest challenge is to make an outfit as unique as commercial; I love the extreme but inevitability I have to downsize to face up the market.

Heather Lisa Noire (BF) Are you a risk taker?

 Marianne Cancrini (PHLAB) Absolutely, I don’t think there is anyone who has ever managed to carry on a passion without risk.

Heather Lisa Noire (BF) What is the best advice for success in the industry?

 Marianne Cancrini (PHLAB) We must persevere…Always! It’s a tough world where very often the meritocracy is not in force; perseverance is the key to success.

Interview by Editor Heather Lisa Noire.