15 February 2015

"Shine All The Way"

Sequence isn’t just for nighttime events anymore. Who says you can’t go from night to day in seconds? Here are some easy tips you can follow without compromising your shine. One glittery item no girl can live without is a sequence skirt. Whether your skirt is long or short you can’t go wrong with a pencil. How do you style such a dressy item? The easiest way to dress a gold or silver skirt is with a graphic t-shirt. Not just any graphic will do. If your skirt is silver, then you can wear a grey shirt with a phrase like tres chic or holly chic. Try wearing a solid colour with your skirt. The rest of your look should be neutral since you want your skirt to be your statement piece

For jewelry it’s always best to try and not be too flashy. Remember to always showcase the skirt. Try wearing stud earrings, and one bracelet, or even a watch.
 Another hot item is a sequence jacket. Try gold, I know that sounds a little bold and maybe even scary but don’t be intimidated.  When styled just right it can be a fun city look for work, school, or even just a day out.  Try a graphic t-shirt once more this can really set you apart from others in the street. You can wear this fun jacket with shorts, a skirt, or skinny jeans.

Black is traditional and is a good choice, and if you wish to be braver, try a bold colour like royal blue or red skinny jeans or pants.  Shoes in a nude or black heel, or a nice ankle boot can look amazing with this look.  If you want to go Milano, may I suggest a gold dress? Wait, isn’t a gold dress more appropriate for a cocktail event? No, and believe it or not, places like Milan actually welcome this look. Dressy is what you will see, and that’s during the day! You don’t have to be heading to a red carpet to stun in the best shades of gold or silver.



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