27 April 2015

Mastering The Red Pout!

For this season the hottest new trend for Spring/Summer 2015 is red lips. The biggest challenge to some is mastering the red pout. Even when you stare at the mirror hoping your look will end up being old Hollywood glam, it ends up a complete disaster. The magic to getting those flirty sexy lips is to identify what shade of rouge works for you. Not all reds are created equal so before you purchase a red lipstick, here is some helpful advice. Know what your skin undertone is, if you have a darker skin then your more of a warmer undertone. If you are paler then you identify with having a cooler undertone.

For awhile, the pros at fashion week were not using red lipstick, it wasn’t until Mac’s Ruby Woo went from being a secret of the brand’s vast collection, to the best selling, sold out, must have that it is today. I mention this brand because it’s absolutely amazing. If you are looking for a truer red then Ruby Woo by MAC is the lipstick for you. It comes as a matte finish and can really show off a sensual red pout. This lipstick lasts for up to 8 hours on your lips. If you want to have it last even longer, use a lip pencil first then apply the lipstick, you will be ready for a Hollywood close up in no time. Important fact, this lipstick can be drying on the lips so defiantly moisturize your lips before you apply the lipstick.



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