29 May 2015

Denim Awards

As an active shopper you spend your day trying on at least 400 pairs of jeans to see which is the best fit for you. The problem is when you are a taller girl finding the perfect jean can be a massive struggle. Retailer’s seem to think 31 and 32 inseams is the magic number for tall girls this isn’t even close. 

For girls that are 5’9 and above the inseam needs to be 33 and up to work especially when you have longer legs. A longer jean is the most difficult to find and when you do come across one, its normally more expensive. It can be very frustrating for girls who desire to look chic without breaking the bank. Taller girls don’t have to worry anymore; Bauchle Fashion has found the top 4 best places to shop for longer length denim jeans.

26 May 2015

Have A Kissy Fit

Strong, sophisticated, and oh so glamorous this is the power of kissy face lipstick. It’s our secret weapon for instant hotness. Whether you wear these colours with a bold dress or just some skinny jeans, getting the perfect application has never been so easy. From the expert’s corner, here are some fun steps to make sure your lipstick looks its best all day.



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