10 July 2015

What's David's Secret?

Indre for NEUE Magazine.

Whether its iconic portraiture, fashion editorial or exotic travel, David Todd McCarty blends both fantasy and authenticity to create iconic images, that evoke an emotional response. David started off his career in advertising, working as a creative director for many years. Consequently, he understands the need of art directors more then most. From passion, excitement, sadness, to being straight up quirky McCarty knows how to reflect this well in his beautiful portraits. 

At a time when photographers are often mimicking one another, photographer director David McCarty is flourishing. What is his secret? Having patience, perseverance, while creating masterpieces. Find out more in this exclusive interview where I get to know the creator behind the art.

6 July 2015

"The Glam Factor"

Chanel is not just a brand; it’s a way of life. Nothing says class, sophistication, and refined taste than owning something tres chic by the designer. The brand is timeless in its beauty, integrity, with Parisian glam, and its uncompromised distinct quality. This classic style at times can draw a much older clientele, especially when it comes to the retro Chanel suits. For the Spring/Summer 2015 ready-to-wear accessories, Karl Lagerfeld came out swinging, blasting out a younger approach with wild nights and classy glam.



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