22 August 2015

"Elegance With An Edge"

If you never thought fashion, style, and motivational influence mixed together would work, think again. Almond Avenue seamlessly blends the three notes into the perfect fall sleek selection. Inspired by the 90s supermodel iconic era, Iona brings this organic flavour that mists you all the way, that is satisfyingly refreshing. 

These glamorous posts begin with the freshness of pure, chic, and honesty that quickly blossoms into floral notes of rose, violet and jasmine. Then to turn up the heat of the dessert and fire up that inspiration, it leaves you with deep, warm, and spicy notes reserved only for those who love realness. Iona truly brings out the raw and non-nonsense in her very helpful articles. I really admire someone who can make a bold statement in such a classy way, while still remaining truly rebellious. This is exactly what Almond Avenue brings to the table without making any apologies. 

From jetting off to Hong Kong and China, Iona worked as a model and stylist with several renowned photographers for editorial shoots that were published in many well-known magazines. Check out this exclusive interview with Iona, who is the beauty and brains behind one of fashion’s little kept secret.



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