1 September 2015

"Hello Motto"

  The underground scene inspired by Soho’s artistry vibe. This season fashion focuses on staple pieces, inspired by the urban London and chic Parisian city. The spotlight is shinning bright on this fall/winter signature piece, the biker jacket. Bad-girl fashion never dies; it just gets more refined. That’s why the one item in your wardrobe you should never over look is the motto biker jacket. 

The aggressive biker chic look has been around for years, getting wide attention with Brigitte Bardot making the leather jacket her must have accessory in the 1960s. The iconic motto jacket still smolders its latest and most elegant versatile piece to truly capture your fashion senses! It’s an investment, but one that will quickly prove its value. The secret is, to wear it correctly so it fits your most irresistible style.



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