8 September 2015

"Fall For Men"

Fall For Men this season has a very clear vision; luxury, provocative and cutting edge, with no boundaries. This edgy look is an inspiration for creative like-minded blokes who fancy a good spin on fashion. The opportunity to dress up a style differently; is the key element into making it work for you. You can’t be on point with your dapper attire unless you remember one important rule. What is the rule and why should you care? The way to be innovative is to bend the rules so far backwards that they end up breaking! 

Extraordinary rocker leather jackets have been around for ages and still hold their relevance in fashion today. The fall platform and creative force is how you wear the look. People always say this bold statement, “I just love this style but I don’t think I can pull it off.” You feel like shaking them and saying,” Come on man! You need to pull up your trousers and stop second-guessing yourself.” It isn’t just men who say this, women are guilty also. The good thing about fashion is the dynamic bond of diversity. What is really appealing guys is when you take risks and try something out of your comfort zone. The rocker leather jacket maybe intimidating to some, I mean we are not all Keith Richards rocking out at an electrified concert. This doesn’t mean you can’t pull of this bad boy look and still be dressed good in the process. 

Here are four ways to kick the rocker leather jacket look right into fall! 



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