22 September 2015

"Green With Envy"

The rather dashing Jasper Conran kicked London Fashion Week 2016, into high gear! He started off so strong making other designers green with envy. Colour changes everything and transforms the eyes with the finest stroke of bold patterns and the sleekest fabrics. The pieces Jasper showed off on Saturday were a confident celebration of power, with easy lines, clean detailing and a minimum fuss. The models sported natural looking makeup and flowing unkempt hair. Many shades of green were on display, some standing confident and alone, others mixed with white. 

The designer described his collection as downtown chic this year, over British traditional style. The show was held in a converted parking garage in Soho. At the glitzy fashion extravaganza, the audience traded in neckties for torn jeans. It was a fun and relaxed event that shook up tradition quite nicely. Carefully crafted with pure elegance, the pattern dresses were showcased for a dressy or casual event. The material was silk, which added a classic 1950s inspired vibe. The bling was evident and taking notice with gold strappy sandals worn with each look.




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