15 October 2015

" How To Dress Like A Supermodel"

Let’s break the ice here straight away – to dress like a model you need to weigh like a model or at least be close to it. And, if we are to be completely honest, almost anything looks good on you when you are thin.

No, I am not promoting anorexia, bulimia or any other weight loss-illness, far from it. If anything, I believe there is nothing as gorgeous as a woman in her natural weight, stunning and proud and, most importantly, knowing how to carry herself, regardless of her being 80 pounds or 180 pounds.

Working as a stylist I’ve had the honor and pleasure to work with many a model, actress, singer and all these experiences rounded up make for an amazing gather-up of ideas that you can use, even though you are not a celebrity or a model. I mean - who is to say that you can’t look chic and perfect just because you aren’t walking a runway!

For an ordinary woman, every day is a runway on the streets of her city and she wants to look powerful, as she should.

I have put together some ideas that will help you look and feel like a model, every day from now on. I’ve drawn inspiration from the trendiest and coolest models of today so read carefully and visualize!



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