22 October 2015

"The Dark Arts"

Plum dark lipstick, terrified much? Lying between the legendary Grace Jones, Jessie J and Halloween, it’s an acquired taste. But after seeing boldly almost blackened lips at Giles and Emanuel Ungaro, dark lipstick revealed its sophisticated prowess. ‘Bold, plum, black statements can be very chic.’ If you feel a tad nervous about trying out this colour on your lips, I suggest ‘eggplant or oxblood’ as an alternative if it’s a little too much. Lips make no exception when it comes to accentuating one of your best beauty features. Similarly to eye shadows, you’re offered the chance to test the different tones until you find the one that matches, both your preferences and your gorgeous skin tone. 

The trend can be very difficult to sport if you don’t pick the right hue, you could end up looking like a wicked witch instead of an irresistible vamp! The tint both in profound and lighter shades radiates femininity and glam. However, the top-notch advice it is recommended to go for the bluish- undertones, since this will guarantee your teeth to look gleaming and pure white to perfection. 

Don’t you just hate it when people say this annoying bullsh** line, “Those who have a more fair complexion should consider choosing a less, matte or pastel shades that would only ruin their porcelain skin, instead go for a berry or profound magenta.” Um excuse me, but when did you become the beauty police? Last I checked, I love matte lipsticks and you sure as hell are not about to tell me it will ruin my skin tone. Is this person serious? If you are like me and do the complete opposite of what the beauty police says, then guess what? You will be far better off and you might just discover some cool colours for your luscious lips in the process.

 To shift the attention to the lips, make sure the eyes are played down and not so busy. Try the no-makeup look or a simple eyeliner and mascara. Light rosy cheeks go miraculously well with the plum lips. If you wish for a retro vampy glam look, I suggest you try a dark brown or grey eye shadow for the eyes, to complement the bold lip colour. 



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