30 October 2015

"Sharp Winter"

The latest infatuation with French style echoes the Parisian culture at large: The French are best known for having a mysterious mystique, which is very endearing. But just because the influences are all around us, with retro classic cafes, city people on bikes or walking to the greatest destinations, doesn’t mean working them into your wardrobe is easy. This can be especially difficult for men. Women have it a tad easier since there’s an entire library of advice for women, something so easy like throwing on a boyfriend wool coat and sleek oxfords, paired with a ruby red lip and your are instantly chic! The few male fashion guides out there make things even more confusing (what exactly does “dressing Parisian” mean?)

 The key is to maintain balance. If you buy a suede jacket, wear it with something you already have. It becomes costume when everything you own references what you think pure French style is. In other words, there’s a fine line between doing it right and looking like a silly tourist. If you’re just looking for a straightforward style guide to men’s fashion in Paris, this is the secret treat for you.

 Investment Pieces: A Parisian man is willing to spend a little bit more time while shopping, paying close attention to the garments fabric. How well something is made can really test its durability. By introducing minimal garments for a winter wardrobe, this conveys sophisticated masculinity. Make sure you invest in wool and modern tweeds for a standout seasonal look. A Rib-knit sweater converts from open-necked to extra warm with the tug of a zipper. This sweater is smart and irresistible, no-drama classic that every man should own. If a tweed jacket can make you run for the hills, try a more laid back approach with a pair of tweed trousers. Make sure they are the right length for your height. Nothing is worse in life then buying a pair of pants that is way too short for you. Bonjour high waters! When blended with different fabric choices, hello leather! The tweed trousers can convey a more casual appearance. 

Fitted Is Always Better: French tailoring has a specific “stamp” in terms of detailing, gradual waist suppression, the signature flair on suit jackets, a more narrow trouser leg, and the universally regal posture created by the high cut and cigarette shoulder. So does this mean now I have to go to the tailor? You don’t have to worry about your clothes fitting you perfectly. Shopping off the rack for tailored garments is the secret to dressing like a Parisian. Come a little closer you will want to listen carefully for this one, did you know when bargain shopping you can find fitted blazers, tailored shirts, and structured sweaters? Don’t believe me, it is true and you will thank me for this later. The perfect shirt that is denim or patterned cotton is an everyday essential you can’t live without. When paired with a great pair of fitted denim your truly a French staple. Take an Mélange Blazer in a skinny fit for a dressy update to your typical merino wool selection. Style your essentials with a bang, when you wish to look smart and stand out.



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