5 Solutions to perfecting signature style

When I was younger, the traditional way women wore clothes was to choose one style and stay faithful to it, so it became almost part of their personality. For example, women decided to stick with what society told them to wear. On a daily basis this came off so controlling. If everyone wore similar clothing choices, then it would defiantly be a boring world. Based on creative images and ideas from fashion houses, like Chloe, YSL, and Chanel these timeless designers embarked on creating iconic silhouettes for women. This bold movement changed our perspective on what fashion means.

In 2016, it seems our journey to style is evolving quite rapidly. Social media sites like Pinterest and Instagram are perfect outlets for the fashionista at heart. Not only can you follow fellow style addicts but you can obtain incredibly useful fashion inspiration. Whenever you hear the word “signature” or “iconic” the first name that come to mind is Audrey Hepburn. She made the little black dress so chic and unforgettable. Why is she so memorable to us? Well she didn’t go over the top in her design selection. If you ever notice wearing something so simple can really make a huge impact. The number one mistake women can sometimes make is packing too much on. A classic rule every girl should follow is before you leave the house take off one accessory.

Do you ever catch yourself looking at someone’s style and think, how do I maintain my own signature style? What exactly is your signature? It is a style that represents who you are and what makes you so unique. I’ve compiled 5 ways to perfect your signature style.

The Travel Look- Bold patterns work so well, especially when it comes to your travels. When venturing to Milan, Italy a really gorgeous floral pink and black dress works so well. You can sport this little number while out shopping during the day. This romantic dress can be easily transitioned to a night out look in a matter of seconds.

The Signature- I don’t know about you but I just love a nice crisp and soft leather motto jacket. You can easily add some edge by throwing this jacket over a floral pink dress, to add some intrigue and playful mystique.

70s Boots- Retro fashion has become the new favourite of many designers at fashion week. The 70s era has come out with incredible boots that I just can’t stop wearing. These suede black and clumpy thick heels are so fun. Every girl needs a pair for date night or a casual city look. 

Are you on the list? -
When a new bag comes out on the street style scene everyone goes absolutely mad! I can understand I mean all these purses are gorgeous who wouldn’t have style envy? When it comes to all the stunning handbags, one in particular stopped me in my tracks. It was the YSL College Monogram Flap bag! The chevron style and brushed silver hardware got me so addicted. I just had to have this beauty, when I searched online this bag was completely sold out. It amazes me how quickly it just disappeared. Luckily, when I got to the YSL flagship store they ordered me a brand new one in the largest size they had available. When I got to pick up my dream bag, I was head over heels in love. I am a fan of other bags in the designer community but this bag just screamed my style! I had seen two fashionable icons Rosie Huntington Whitely and Jessica Alba with this exact same bag. I still can’t believe that right now as we speak, in order to get this purse, you have to go on a waiting list.

                           SAINT LAURENT - Monogram Collège Bag

Experiment- Never be afraid to try something new. I love to experiment with my fashion choices, you never know what can suit you best unless you go outside the norm. In my case, I decided to play up casual with a dressy element for an easy day to night look. 

I love when something catches my eye, in this case I stopped over at the Alexander McQueen section and fell in love with some classy dresses. Oh so rocker noir with an unusual twist.

                                                        Modena, Province

Villa Rufolo

 Street art


Mango floral dress
Belstaff motto jacket
Steve Madden 70s boots
YSL College Monogram bag

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