Conversation's With Nick

The idea for this creative issue came to me in the Fall. I was working on many other exciting projects and started to miss doing some thought provoking interviews. I love getting to know the person a bit more and see what is behind their creative image. Have you ever watched an interview on TV or read one online and thought, they ask these questions a lot it feels repetitive? I don’t know about you but I prefer hearing and reading the unexpected. I have gotten to know quite a lot of creative forces in the fashion and art industry. It seems everyone who loves to express themselves wishes to let their voices be heard.

What makes a true artist stand out above the crowd? Someone who can grab your attention without going over the top. If someone tends to come off a bit predictable then you as a consumer will expect the same beige attitude. Sometimes in art and fashion, we take ourselves too seriously, and I think right now is the moment, we need to laugh a bit more about things. Perfection is highly overrated, especially when it comes to the creative industry. It seems more artists in the business, are pulling back from the old fashioned black and white way of thinking. This is a very refreshing sign, especially when artists are starting to express more of who they are through what they love.

It isn’t about the conversations that make an encounter worthwhile, it is about the company you are in that is so appealing. I got to know Nick Burrett through our exclusive interview. Burrett is a fashion photographer in London, born in 1980. A self-taught photographer, who lived in Asia for 5 years, he moved back to the UK and is now based in London. Nick has a fun loving adventurer living deep inside him, who loves coming out in his dynamic work. The leaps he takes through one photograph knows no bounds. What I loved most about his work was he isn’t a typical fashion photographer, shooting models and going about his life. Instead when you take a closer look at his portfolio you almost feel for a second, you are living his work with him.

Nick travels frequently between Asia, the Middle East and Europe. Notable and impressive client list he has worked with, Jaguar and Land Rover, Volvo, JW Marriott, Millennium Hotels, Bank of China, UOB, Bungesliga among others. His fashion and lifestyle photography, brings out the best in the model’s mood and attitude. You can feel the luxury leaping out of the photo. Whether the girl is traveling to many clubs overseas, or just looking glamorous with her jewels around her neck, Nick captures the moment with her natural state of mind.

For Hotel & Resort Photography, Burett likes to follow a professional production process that involves meeting the clients to discuss ideas, organising extensive location scouting in order to determine the best angles and times of day to photograph each location. During the actual production the focus is on lighting each area. Nick spends a great deal of time working on the images, layering multiple images blending different lighting to create the finished photograph. So when you take a look at these gorgeous views, amazing resorts, that look so perfect, just know it isn’t as easy as it looks to make this art reality. Nick’s photography makes it feel and look so incredibly effortless.

Since taking a look at his portfolio, it made me want to know a bit more about the man behind the lens. I decided to ask him 9 coffee conversation questions that are so good you will be coming back for a refill.

Heather Lisa Noire: What got you interested in photography to begin with?

Nick Burrett: I had always been interested in photography, but mainly as just a hobby, I had never really thought of doing it as a career. I wasn’t until I was 30 and decided to change careers that I seriously took a look at doing something different and something that I really enjoyed. That’s when I decided to focus on a career in photography.

Heather Lisa Noire: Do you prefer working in fashion photography, or video production?

Nick Burrett: I prefer working in fashion photography, I find it more creative and artistic.

Heather Lisa Noire: Does traveling frequently inspire you in your work?

Nick Burrett: Yes, always, I enjoy to travel so much and travelling opens the mind to different cultures, ideas and different perspectives. But I find inspiration can strike anywhere, from discussions with other people, walking down the street to quiet contemplation on my own.

Heather Lisa Noire: What are the pros and cons of the industry?

Nick Burrett: I would say one of the greatest pros is the ability to work anywhere in the world. It’s relatively easy to move anywhere and be able to get work as a photographer. And many clients will even pay you to travel and do shoots for them. However, the biggest con has to be not knowing when or wear your next job will be, sometimes you can have lots of work and other times you won’t get anything for what seems like ages. If you can cope with the uncertainty, then it’s not so bad.

Heather Lisa Noire: Who is your favourite client you have ever worked for?

Nick Burrett: One of my favourite clients was a hotel in Dubai, the client was so accommodating, and nothing was too much trouble for them, almost whatever I needed they were happy to provide. Even to using their yacht to take a couple photos on Dubai Marina. Unfortunately, clients like this don’t come along very often.

Heather Lisa Noire: Is a photographer’s life hectic?

Nick Burrett: It can be. When I organise a full production shoot it can be extremely hectic and almost non-stop until the shoot and post-production is completed. But I have to say, that there are times of course where it’s possible to just chill and not have any work to do. These are the times to savour in between the hectic moments.

Heather Lisa Noire: What is one thing you would like people to know about you?

Nick Burrett: That’s a hard question. It would have to be that I’m addicted to mango and sticky rice. After living in Thailand for a couple of years it’s something I really miss.

Heather Lisa Noire: If you had the ultimate playlist, what would be on it?

Nick Burrett: I’m actually not a big listener of music, I listen to it sometimes, but I rarely pay attention to names so I’m not really up to date with all the latest artists. But my current playlist has a little bit of Hozier, Gotye, Sia, Razorlight, and J.J. Cale.

Heather Lisa Noire: Are you satisfied currently, or are you hungry for more?

Nick Burrett: I’m always hungry for more! I’m always trying to push myself, trying to improve and get better. I don’t think I will be satisfied in that sense for a long time, there is always something else to try for and always another goal to reach. I think if you are satisfied, you stop trying and become complacent, and that’s something that I don’t want to do.

Check out Nick Burrett's Instagram, Facebook, and his impressive portfolio.

Interview Written and Conducted by Heather Lisa Noire.