All I Want For Christmas Is Pixie

History (from Greek historians, meaning “inquiry, knowledge acquired by investigation”) is the study of the past as it is described in written documents. So why is something that was created in the past, becoming relevant to us today? Many designers are being inspired on the runways with old fashioned designs. Reinventing seems to be the name of the game and what is old is defiantly new once again. Let’s take a trip away from the catwalk collections, and browse at the shop windows in the city.

The Christmas designs make you feel so joyful as if you were a child once again! Enough day dreaming, let’s get down to some serious business here. What do you buy that is so special, your loved one will thank you with warm open arms? This can be difficult especially if you rely on the usual suspects. If you are stuck on what to buy, let me tell you about a leather company I’m kind of in love with!

The Leather Satchel Co. collaborated with me on their iconic Pixie cross-body bags. Keith Hanshaw the owner of the company was kind enough to send me, this one of a kind Pixie cross-body bag in chocolate brownwith silver hardware. (Similar styles) It arrived in this beautiful box that resembles a retro suitcase with a real leather handle. Inside was a lovely letter about the heritage and kind regards from the company.

Each bag comes with a soft dust bag and leather label embossed. When you get such professional service from such a classy company, it makes for a really wonderful experience.

The company was started in 1966 by Steven Hanshaw and is still a family owned business. Throughout the early-to-mid 1960s, Steven operated a small street stall selling leather goods that he would make. While exhibiting in London, Steven was presented with an opportunity by a local head master-to make satchels for an independent school based in Hammersmith. Due to the high demand for these satchels, Steven was soon joined by his two younger brothers – Barry and Paul Hanshaw – and together they established their first workshop on Smithdown Road in Liverpool.

Over time, the Hanshaw family started to work on a variety of leather goods, not just satchels. Their products are made from heavy equestrian leather as this is their core skill-set and is a rare profession in the UK. It is because of these skills that their work has a very distinctive style which many companies now try to emulate. While many other companies moved production overseas, where labour was much cheaper.

As a family, the Hanshaws continued working in a more traditional method of production and diversified into producing other goods for other brands, whilst continuing to supply Schools, Universities and Bookshops with classic satchels.

The company strives to source all materials from within the UK. Quality crafting is what Keith Hanshaw, stands by as a master craftsman like his uncle, whose footsteps he follows within as the owner of the company. The Leather Satchel Co. supplies quality and individuality that is highly sought after in today’s busy market.

The company has seen its products featured in various fashion magazines such as, Vogue, Look, Elle, Grazia and in men’s magazine GQ. Their goal isn’t to be the biggest satchel company in the United Kingdom, they simply want to be the best. 

One of their most popular bags is the Pixie! It is a traditional cross-body bag that is light on the shoulder, holds all the daily essentials, and is effortlessly versatile. I paired this dark chocolate bag with an off white knit warm sweater, dark blue skinny jeans, and a pair of black ankle boots.

With the chilly temperatures and rush of the Christmas season approaching, what better way to kick this season into high gear then to order a custom made Pixie bag for your city girl with style at heart! This dream of a bag comes in many colours, styles, and has the option of having your initials put on the bag. This just sounds like an excellent idea for someone. Hurry though, these beauties tend to disappear very fast.

 What do you want for the holidays? All I Want for Christmas Is Pixie, handcrafted with quality leather that has this gorgeous new leather smell by The Leather Satchel Co.

To learn more about the story behind The Leather Satchel Co. check out their website and follow them on social media. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

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Written by Heather Lisa Noire