27 January 2016

"Future Luxury"

Fashion is full of fallacies. Here’s one: you can only wear sequins if you’re going out on the town and when it’s New Year’s night. Not true. The statement graphics of palm trees melt with bold architecture gestures to create an uninhibited retro glam for the newest collection from Jimmy Choo for 2016! The new bold styles were singing in colour and shine for all shapes and sizes. Golden 70s skinny silhouettes mixed with bright studded pinks and stripes to create a fun yet modern combination.

 Conveying an upbeat attitude while remixing the old with the new-artistic vintage references blended with stunning, graphic architectural details- to create something modern with surprising luxury. Reflecting a more laid-back approach you can defiantly get the feeling of being casual yet sporty and dressy at the same time. Lounging in a calm atmosphere, while the ravishing sun beats down with reflected heat, you get the feeling you have just caught on fire with this super hot collection.



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