24 February 2016

"Distress To Impress"

If you’re anything like me, the best things in your wardrobe are also the most worn: the perfectly broken-in jeans you’ve had for so long it feels like an eternity, the banged-up boots/trainers you can’t throw away. It certainly isn’t easy being terribly patient in this face-paced world we live in. And not everyone has the time to simply take good care of every garment. For me, clothes and accessories are an atlas of creativity. 

With each piece, come many different memories you experienced with each item that fills your mind with emotion. Every special piece plays an important role in the story of your everyday life. Which brings me to this spring’s distressed-everything style. That is blowing up the men’s wear fashion game! It’s denim-and leather jackets and rustic boots, too. In fact, all the new stuff we want? It looks, well, old and defiantly not new.



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