8 March 2016

"Punk Remix"

A style of movement characterized by the adoption of unconventional and often redefining the bizarre and forward thinking path of the fashion world, Marianne Cancrini is channeling the frisson of excitement that comes with her new spring collection and gives us a renewed enthusiasm to shop! 

My advice? Feast your eyes on, updated classics- the little white dress, the oversized coat for hire- to personality pieces bursting with rock and roll energy. Do you dare to try the next-generation fitted skirt? Or maybe the tailored white dress, revived in dazzling brights? Now is the time to indulge the impulse for the undefined fever pitch. Among the thrills, there’s always a place for practicality in this incredibly versatile collection. 

An edgy attitude is played out with precision of new wave dramatic makeup and really cool pink hair that we give a 10 of approval in our books. Into the night, as a 90s and 80s mood sweeps into spring, the rules of dressing have been turned on their head. The echo of grudge and couture with a more dominant note of glamour, styles deconstructed with raw edges, revealed as alluring outerwear, the story of this seasons collection is embellished with radical individuality that is utterly irresistible.



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