23 March 2016

"Game Face"

What does beauty mean to you? As related to the human form (rather then a landscape or an artwork, for example) it’s a really, really loaded question and hard to answer simplistically. Health with your skin always gets portrayed as enhancing its natural beauty to become more radiant and glowing. Companies pick target audiences to sell a new product on the market for customers to try out that practically promises you the world and then some. 

Do you ever sit and think to yourself, this sounds fabulous but does it really even work like what they claim? Companies from around the globe shell out all the tricks in the book, to practically create a blockbuster film in order to advertise how great something is. Feeling the heart pounding pressure to give into this company, a lot of people spend a lot of money on the hot new product of the moment. I like some trends as much as the next person but what I don’t think is beneficial to the consumer is false advertising.

 The only way around this issue is making sure you outsmart the companies with your own research on a product you are thinking of buying. When it comes to your own beauty routine where your skin is involved, did you know that some people maybe doing their skin care routine all wrong and not even know it?



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