30 March 2016

"Street Smarts"

In the past few decades, menswear has blurred the lines between smart and casual, shirts have begun to lose their pockets, collarbones and even sleeves and buttons have gotten into the revamping game. Now it seems the traditional suit does not represent the businessman any more, Donatella Versace proclaimed, “Nor does the loud shirt represent the rock star. The same man can now wear both.” The very idea of having a trained dress code for men to follow has become rather boring. No lad in this decade wishes to go by a one-dimensional blue print. 

The casualty of the men’s wardrobe has really started to muddy the waters, particularly for those who used to rely on formality. How do you wear a shirt without a tie? When you pass by an advertisement for the latest new styles for the season, on the model it can look rather spiffy! Reality is how do you put this super look together and not look like a disaster? The only way to survive in the fashion game is to become rather “Street Smart.” A person who has a lot of common sense when it comes to fashion knows what is going on in the world. This person understands all groups in the style field and is up on all the latest trends. 



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