27 April 2016

"Award Winning"

Not many magazines have sparked creativity for 100 years, but Bauchle Fashion has-and throughout 2016 will be celebrating that achievement. Launched in 2014, when you could barely find a magazine blog in existence. Bauchle Fashion was an immediate (if surprising) success. It might have been thought that a magazine site devoted to fashion for mainly women and beauty topics couldn’t have been more common, but the opposite was true. 

Why bother when so many other sites can offer fashionable content. Well, it seems no one had insider knowledge and helpful advice that helped such a wide audience. Around 2015, I decided to expand the site and offer advice for men as well. Why you might ask? Men need easy tips so they can look like GQ models in seconds and express their own style in the process. Bauchle Fashion thrived, offering a mix of practical advice, intelligent commentary and an insider view –a recipe that survives today. The magazine has commissioned and helped show off an astounding collection of vivid images that expressed the soul of each post. 



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