6 July 2016


With so much going on in the world. Who ever thought for five seconds that anyone would be so concerned about investments? I’m not talking about money investments, even though it is a good idea to have them for the future. Instead, it seems persistent forces of non-stop trends are haunting us like a bad dream. Don’t get me wrong, I love to see some unique styles coming in each year that pushes us respectfully out of our comfort zones. Lately it seems when you try to have fun with trends they either look really amazing or make you seem as if you barrowed clothes from a clown.

So what is the hottest thing to do now? Like women, men are starting to buy pieces to invest in deemed “investment pieces”. So what exactly should you invest in? Many sources try to give advice but at the end of the day it starts to become more complicated. Thanks to resources like Pinterest and Instagram the popularity of timeless pieces gives us a new meaning to classics. So before you start to have an anxiety attack! Make sure you listen very carefully to this helpful and lifesaving advice.



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