27 July 2016

Cosmo anyone?

I’m a firm believer that it’s the photographer, not the camera that takes the killer photograph. What you choose to capture is very important, not the kind of camera you use. Using my IPhone 6s has proven to be highly effective. I used to use a camera I thought was really top notch. Coming to the conclusion, your phone actually takes better photos then a typical camera. We live in a world where people are constantly taking pictures either while you travel, at events, or even just of your favourite food.

 What I love about this digital age is how we can get inspired by accessories to go with our phones. Awhile back, when the IPhone came out it seemed like we only had grey, black, or white to choose from when it came to cases. The last thing any fashion forward individual desires is a boring and lifeless case. When it comes to James Gold, he made sure this defiantly wouldn’t be the case. Growing up in London while attending Birmingham University, where he studied law. Gold sparked the idea of developing an industry where creativity was encouraged.



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