14 September 2016

More Issues Than Vogue

I have noticed that two things happen when you live through an era of constant rapid change, things become even more productive. There is a frequent surge of artistic creativity, with the misfits, the contrarians, and the underdogs coming into their own. We witness the rise of the rebel: those who don’t play by the rules, who flourish in chaotic, unpredictable times and welcome uncertainty without fear. This new look is dedicated to those people, the curious revolutionaries who always think differently. Style should be bolder, braver, and give many individuals a voice to celebrate varied walks of individuality.

Reimagine something so incredible that it simply takes your breath away. The new season is approaching, with so many exciting epic new fashion trends that make us hungry for more. We see new and unusual accessories that are anything but boring: distressed details, changing tones, cheeky sayings, and raw details that cuts through minimalistic leisure. Update your mobile phone with some top notch influential customization. What exactly is customization? When you examine customization within consumerism, the consumer as an individual is manipulating the product. This is done by selecting goods with the intentions of altering them. Attempting to maintain their lifestyle while showcasing their identity. Instead of accepting an object for what it looks like, it is incorporated and changed to fit one’s design aesthetic and choices.



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