12 October 2016

Winter & Fashion

It takes a lot to impress me. I’m not the kind of person who can just buy anything that I see. When purchasing new items, like designer and premium things. My initial reaction is to pay close attention to every detail. I’ve been in plenty of boutiques around the city that carry such lovely purses, clothes, and more. One thing I find quite irritating; is how they don’t always carry a larger selection. Most of the time while shopping in the stores, I have this little voice inside of me that keeps saying, “BUY IT NOW WOW SO GORGEOUS!” This petite voice can truly get you in trouble and give you buyer’s remorse very fast.

Since winter is coming, it is time to get stocked up on the latest keep sake pieces to officially add in your wardrobe. Reworking how to wear winter’s latest styles can be easier than anyone could ever imagine. This sounds exciting! New trends and classic styles that are anything but boring. So where exactly should you start shopping to find these wonderful selections? 



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