9 November 2016

The Evolution Of Cashmere

It’s that time of the year again, where warm hearted season jingles are playing in every store corner you visit. The lines at caf├ęs for hot piping coffee are longer then when the new IPhone came out. All the so called “best stuff” is selling out quick in stores and online. You feel a sense of chilly weather in the air and all you can do is smile. I love this time of year; wait isn’t it just November? From the looks of things, you would assume it was the December season. With the way people are acting it feels like it is begging to look a lot like Christmas.

I don’t mind the holiday music, long lines, or even the traffic. This is one of the best times of year to bundle up and enjoy the seasonal cheer! Wait a second, how can you enjoy this weather unless you have the proper clothing to sport in these chillier temperatures?

It isn’t just about staying warm and toasty this winter season; we all need those timeless pieces in our wardrobe that makes us feel a touch of chicness. Those items that can cocoon you in pure luxury when you put them on. They never lose their appeal- classic, yet always on trend, leaving us sighing in contentment when we find them in our wardrobes.



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