Old World Charm & Classic Elegance

When it comes to design, settling for less just isn’t an option. No longer are people asking for walk in wardrobes but instead, Dream Dressing Rooms. This chic concept is so hot on the menu it is burning up the internet. Women everywhere are saving inspirational photos from their Pinterest accounts. Who wouldn’t do that right? We all enjoy a beautiful photo now and then. And when it comes to design, why not be your own interior designer.

Great taste comes from your natural soul. If you can put an amazing outfit together, then you defiantly know a thing or two about design. Making a dream room a reality is like picking the perfect dream handbag. It is all in the details and showcasing your own personal style.

It’s every fashion lover’s dream to have a unique functioning area to store all your lovely shoes, clothes, handbags, and accessories. So, how do you accomplish this task? Not everyone needs to hire a consultant to go over what you want or don’t want. When it comes right down to it, want shouldn’t even be a word that is used in this situation. You should desire a concept that tells a story and shares some unusual personality traits, that no one ever knew about you before.

By selecting different upgrades and special features that work within your concept, this will give you that fantastic look you have always dreamed of. Dreams are not just fairy tales told when you were very young. You can make them an instant reality and create something unbelievably charming.

Most importantly, I love something that tells a story. Speaks its mind without having to say a word. An antique wardrobe is that elegant item everyone needs to make your dream room extra special. The more beat up it looks, the more character it possesses. This Addison wardrobe by Arhaus is handcrafted to perfection, with wood working techniques to give your space that added worldly charm.

Instead of sticking with traditional accents, fill the environment with a bold statement. Mix elegance with vintage to create a really powerful room! Every fashionista needs a sofa for a cosy feel while one gets ready to meet the day. Let’s face it, no matter how busy we get none of us are really morning people. Trying to get our eyes used to the sunlight coming through our windows. Hoping we can wake up just in time for that delicious cup of hot tea. It helps to have a comfy place to sit while gazing at your gorgeous clothes. Being inspired by Italian antiques is a bonus. This beautiful sofa is made for the modern woman who happens to enjoy some luxe in her life.

Lighting up your life doesn’t just have to come from the sun peeking through, a timeless elegant light fixture is the answer. Crafted with a classically styled silhouette, this antique gold table lamp remixes what it means to be fashion forward. Being functional with a solid marble base adds a Parisian attitude while being politely gorgeous. Arhaus has some drop dead gorgeous light fixtures, that will truly light up your dream dressing room with ease

How do you keep those hot shoes organized while you are trying on the perfect outfit of the day? Introduce a piece of rustic charm to those beautiful stilettos. Combine French details with an old soul and you have the perfect one of a kind cabinet to keep your magazines stacked and your shoes satisfied. The Chorus Theory collection is designed for that purpose.

You are still getting ready? Sometimes waking up early can take time. Time that is well spent I might add. While you are checking yourself in that mirror doing a “head check” to make sure that hair is on point, you need a place to sit and enjoy the ambiance. A soft leather chair is just the ticket to really add both a modern touch with a retro feel. This old-world artistry leather whiskey chair makes your life so much easier.

I love how *Arhaus* has so many unusual furnishings to make your dream room that much more belle.

How would you design your own dream room?

Written by Heather Lisa Noire