13 May 2017

Marissa Webb's Modern NYC Woman

Unlike other designers, Marissa Webb doesn’t seek deep sources of inspiration when it comes to her collections. Webb doesn’t create colour stories, nor does she attempt to convey every trend you can find in one sitting. She dresses what she knows-and that extends from the women around her, specifically the “modern NYC woman,” as she stated backstage, after a show whose pieces had a metropolitan polish.

The best inspiration is what people are wearing outside in the city. As the 90s make a splash back into our hearts, all we can picture is Kate Moss in a mode festival ensemble enjoying the scene. When it comes to artistic styling practices, Webb took the wearable approach that made us all smile.

Many times coming down the catwalk are extravagant garments that quite frankly are not wearable for everyday life. There was a city-appropriate incarnation of the field jacket, now elevated by way of a hip-length crop and sculpted, rounded sleeves, styled over a print dress that was buttoned at the neck.

Ruffles played a clever role. In some stances they were very feminine, like on a charmeuse blouse that had ruffles scaling the arms. When added with a blazer, the ruffles were an added clever structure, they added drama, coursing down the sleeves, giving off an air of broad executive power.

Webb also played with waist heights. Low-slung cream trousers in silk became an instant close staple that seamlessly go from the boardroom to cocktail hour in a flash. The high-waisted leather cropped pants are something to look out for: The ankles were fastened by laces, and a fastened belt caused the extra fabric to bloom upward and gather unevenly past the waist, perfectly flattering any silhouette.

It isn’t just NYC women who will love these looks! No matter what your style preference, these clothes can work for practically anyone’s style. This collection is not only gorgeous, but it has versatility written all over it.

Marissa Webb Herself!

What do you think of Marissa Webb’s 2017 collection, any outfits you can’t get enough of? 

Written by Heather Lisa Noire

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7 May 2017

The Foxiest Interview Ever

The golden era can only be shared with a romantic twist. A mood that transforms you into an electrified junkie. Synthesizers echoed through the metallic age of energetic anthems, big hair, tight colourful clothes, and beats we can’t get enough of. Who am I describing? The Foxies of course.

As an artist, the common goal is to inspire your audience with moments we treasure, adventures we go on, and spark inspiration in our souls. Music in 2017, is becoming rather lukewarm. Artists of all genres are starting to sound the same and by today’s standards noise is to be accepted.

What do we want? Less noise! When do we want it? Now! It is obvious the music industry isn’t what it once was. In the past, new artists could showcase talent through an acapella audition in front of a music executive and impress. Now it seems the music industry is slowly disappearing. It is no wonder many of us are listening to the oldies as an attempt to hear some original talent.

Having strong influences of Billy Idol, Blondie, and The Cure, lead singer Julia Lauren adds some glam pop from the early 80’s to the modern indie scene. Unleashing an edgy wave of vintage revival. With heavy low guitars, a hypnotic base, and quirky vibrato vocals, The Foxies will make you dance in your head with their addictive hooky tunes.

This modern band is doing what they want to do, living life their way. Exploding in an alluring setting, being daring and accomplished, they are unapologetically themselves.

There is joy in the groups honesty, strength, and vulnerability. However hard life’s lessons, being original will set you free.

Check out my spectacular interview, as The Foxies share their thoughts on life.

1 What inspired you to become artists?
I was inspired by the music that my dad played around the house when I was two years old. He then took me to my first Green Day concert when I was in fifth grade. That was the day I knew I would pursue music.

2 How would you describe your sound?
  The sound of The Foxies…if Billy Idol and Blondie had a baby.

3 Do you feel imagery plays a huge part in your music?
 Imagery is a huge part for me and my music. The style. The sound. All need to be cohesive to be ascetically pleasing.

4 Favourite place to go on holiday?

Back home in Charlotte, North Carolina to see my family and dogs :)

5 If you were not performing, what would your other career’s be?

 If I wasn’t performing ...I would be a Charlie’s Angel and fight crime. Hands down.

6 Style icon?
My style icon would be Bowie. He was, and still is, the kind and queen of all things perfect.

7 Wine or Vodka?

Wine all the way. Only vodka if it’s in the shape of gummy bears.

8 How do you feel as artist’s, how your presence has changed since you first started?

Since I first started music, I had no clue what my sound was, what my moves were, what my vision was. But through years of trial and error…I just sort of grew into the artist I was always meant to be. And now everything is effortless.

9 What do you most look forward to?

What I most look forward to is touring the world one day.

What do you think about The Foxies sound?

Interview written and conducted by Heather Lisa Noire

Photography & video from The Foxies

Check out more music from The Foxies here




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