Statement Earring Enthesiasts: Bold Logos

There are certain style tricks I’ve discovered throughout my years as an editor that definitively help me tackle life’s pesky little obsolesces. An incredibly glamourous handbag can elevate your outfit tremendously, while diverting the attention from not being a morning person. A sleek pair of heels is your instant saviour when you feel down, for complete sex appeal.

And a pair of bold earrings will distract from a potentially bad hair day. This one I use on occasion, when you just don’t feel the need to style your hair. Who really has time? The best solution is a messy natural hair look. Like you just woke up looking fabulous. But mainly because I have fallen in love with bold statement earrings.
Photo: Chanel Runway 

Since their rise to fame this year, striking earrings of every shape and variety have invaded our eyes. From dynamic danglers seen on the S/S 19 to the structural pieces fashionistas wear on the streets. And they’re no longer reserved for fancy cocktail parties, either. Larger-than-life earrings are perfect for a daytime affair to dress up a pair of classic skinny jeans, tees, and lovely dresses. They even make my V-neck black jumper look chic and striking. 

Interesting Origin

Among people in the turn of the century, there was a considerable rise in popular belief in the therapeutic properties of stones: pearls were believed to remove stress and heart disease, while red coral was used to alleviate pain or heartache and to bring back cheerfulness; topaz cured mental illness and helped in love. In the rooms of high society, earrings became ever more lavish, and by 1700 took on the intricate form of lace or flakes, the so-called “girandole” earring.

Photo: Chanel Editorial 

Diamonds appeared on the scene, adding sparkle to evening events as they were illuminated by candlelight. 

In addition, Strass crystals were invented precisely in 1700… and thus, while in the salons of high society the earring was emptied of meaning to become a symbol of mere vanity, among the lower realms of society they still maintained great symbolic and propitiatory value.

Costume jewellery has become a favourite among retro enthusiasts. Since the style was very popular in the early 80’s and 90’s. The classic statement, what is old is new again. Seems to be the popular theme for accessories for 2018. Even if a style seems trendy, bolder costume earrings are becoming an everyday must before heading into town.

A gorgeous pair of logo earrings has the same effect as a lovely pair of shoes. You feel lovely, dressed-up, and ready to face the day (even if you are still wishing it was the weekend). But really, it all depends on your personal preference. Just look at these gorgeous earrings!

Photo: Chanel Vintage Earrings

Would you wear logo earrings? From costume jewellery of Chanel, to the bold logos of YSL. Are designer earrings hot? Or are they over the top?

Photo: Chanel 

Written by Heather Lisa Noire