The Stylish Way: To Avoid Clutter

Shoes, glorious shoes. They are the ultimate wardrobe staple that totally revamp your entire outfit, the best gift for yourself besides the occasional handbag here and there. No wonder we lust after, collect, and even get excited over the new models that come out for each passing season. And it is defiantly no surprise that our cupboards, and wardrobes, are so crammed full of them we can barely move. It makes life easier if you own a walk-in wardrobe like the butterfly song bird Mariah Carey, but what are the rest of us stylish people around the globe supposed to do? Even the most organised people in the world acquire a nice helping of a shoe hoard and they just keep piling up. 

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Is letting go the answer? Giving up on them because you frankly have just no room? Wait a second, are you telling me you are quitting? No one quits darling, that is just ridiculous and I won’t stand for it. You don’t need to part with your fabulous new heels or those incredible kitten heel boots you can’t wait to wear for fall. Side note, it is bad manners to get rid of those shoes. Thankfully, this dramatization will not be necessary, as I have rounded up some stylish ways to store your shoes while, walking this way.
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If you are the creative type, then DIY is a great option. Watching videos online how to build something from scratch can be fun and super personal. But let’s be honest here, who has the time or energy. So, your next best option is to attach a wooden ladder to your wall and hook your shoes over the rungs. Not only is this fresh and fun but it can have such a decorative and sleek feel.

For me I love the idea of keeping my area chic. So, I fixed my problem with storing my shoes by using a portable shoe rack. Not only is it easy to use, but you get to have a cleaner look with your shoes.

There are so many fun and exciting ways to avoid that annoying clutter without having less shoes. And you can make each idea your own while staying creative.

How do you store your shoes?

Written by Heather Lisa Noire