5 Things You Need To Know About FASHOM

Have you ever heard of a virtual catwalk? How about online pieces to love for this fall season? Well that’s definitely the case when it comes to how impactful technology is on how we shop. Not only are companies coming up with new ways to wow consumers, but there making the process a fun and exciting experience. I don’t know about you but I really love browsing on social media for inspirational outfits. I am especially drawn to some unique colours and patterns, that you can mix and match to be cohesive into your wardrobe.

Wouldn’t it be cool to have a virtual stylist at your fingertips?

That’s exactly what I got when FASHOM contacted me to send me some gorgeous pieces that were hand-picked by my own personal virtual stylist. The whole process is really cool and fundamentally super easy to do. Which makes technology and fashion that much more tres chic. 

Here is 5 Things you need to know about FASHOM.

It’s really easy to get started

Some of those virtual companies are complicated and cause unnecessary headaches just to get started. With FASHOM, all you do is fill out your fashion profile & submit a style request. Tell them about your style, size preference, then submit your request. You will hear back from them in 2-3 days. 

Review your selected items & pick what ships

You have full on control of what gets shipped to you. Your awesome virtual stylist will send you items to review. You pick 5 items to be shipped to your doorstep. Best part? You get free shipping. 

 Keep what you love and send back the rest

Try on your hand-selected items & keep what you adore. They will send you a prepaid envelop for easy returns.

FASHOM supports non-profit charities

For every box sold, they donate $1 to Second Chance Rescue NYC. This is initiative for them, and as 100 percent cruelty-free start up, there’s no better way to give back.

 You will love the process

When you get the conformation that your stylish box is on its way, it will feel like Christmas has come early in the mail, by receiving gifts for yourself. And who doesn’t love being good to yourself?

I absolutely love the 5 pieces that were selected for me. You can wear them casually or dress them up for many occasions. 

I love the versatility and the ability to work them into my chic wardrobe with ease.

 Best part is I can wear them all season long.

What do you think of a virtual stylist with FASHOM?

Written by Heather Noire