Give The Gift Of Romance: With Pearl Necklaces & Infinity Jewellery

You’ve probably said it before, too. “I’m not a fan of certain trends here.” It is an easy explanation for not being totally on board, and that is typically an excuse for any kind of jewellery that I am just not head over heels over. In this case, I am making an exception when it comes to romance. Pearl necklaces are absolutely breath-taking. The simplicity and elegance is what draws us in and makes us fall passionately.

Simple Pearl Necklace

This is also the case when it comes to infinity jewellery that makes you just feel oh so complete. Something that is worth its weight in gold, silver, and anything that sparkles. 

Icons like Grace Kelly have their stamp of approval with beautiful, classic proper taste. But when it comes to today’s fashion, things have truly changed. And thanks to what I have been spotting on social media, and across New York City Fashion Week, I find myself obsessed with these hot and spicy accessories. Let me explain exactly why these pieces are unique.

Simple Pearl Necklace

Specifically, I’m referring to a huge up rise in the popularity of baroque styles-a more unusual shape that feels modern and timeless at the same time. The range and approach is very cool and what makes this even more bold, is the attention to influencing culture within the shapes and glamour.

Infinity Heart Ring

When it comes to special occasions, like weddings, anniversaries, or just one of those days where you want to buy yourself something special. The gift of romance through a gleaming pearl necklace is the ideal choice. It not only goes with everything. But you can wear it casually and dress it up for a polished appearance. I love how well made these accessories are and how I can picture any woman with one. The diversity of these items is what makes it truly one of a kind.

Photo: AUrate New York Infinity Heart Ring 

Below are some examples of how amazing this jewellery is and how you can also feel classy and elegant.

What do you think of this range of jewellery? And what pieces would you wear this season?

*This blog post is in collaboration with Nakturnal!

Written by Heather Noire