4 Ways Tasteful Lingerie Is Blowing Up The Holiday Season

Fall and winter fashion don’t always mean heritage plaids and chunky jumpers. In fact, this season, designers are providing those whimsical fashion trends that are the future, and tasteful lingerie is literally blowing up all of social media with a bang! When I say, “tasteful lingerie,” I mean it-metallic, feathers, stretchy materials with added comfort for everybody shape, that you have ever seen. With fashion changing at the blink of an eye, it helps to see what is going on in the social media scene. 

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The biggest blow up is how tasteful lingerie has become rather classily sexy when worn right. Think of the early 1990s, you don’t have to be born in that decade to appreciate vintage styles reappearing on our backs. It is fashions way of saying I am an oldie but goodie and I happen to be making an appearance this season.

When it comes to lingerie, which trends are worth paying close attention to and which ones are worth ignoring right now? As it turns out, I can help you narrow down the important holiday lingerie trends down to just four styles that are worth investing in, according to me an advocate chic insider.

Just because you see it blowing up online doesn’t necessarily mean it is good to buy it. One thing is for sure, don’t ever get sucked into a style because you see it everywhere. Make sure it is something that not only fits your lifestyle, but is worth the splurge.

From the revival of the slip dress to the rise of the corsets to the trends of wearing bras as tops, there are plenty of hot pieces to add to your wardrobe at the moment and different innovative ways to wear them. Ahead, check out the four lingerie trends that will be huge over the holidays this year, and are already blowing up the social scene. Shop my edit of pieces to add to your closet. 

Wearing Bras as Tops
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Whether you are all for this look or not, think Madonna in the early 80s and 90s. You can’t deny how sexy this style can look and how surprisingly versatile as well. You can wear a bra as a top with a jacket or under a see-through blouse for a more tasteful approach.

Show Stopping Lingerie

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More people are not just buying plain lingerie anymore. Pieces that have added extras, like lace, metallic, or crystals are definitely sought after for those oh so special occasions.

Slips as dresses

Photo: Getty Images Slip Dresses

Think early 1995, when slip silky dresses were the perfect going out dress after work. Well now, slips are being worn as dresses and done in such a fun way. After work, those cocktails are flowing and the silky material adds some zest to your look.

Comfort Fashion
SKIMS Lingerie
Photo: SKIMS Website 
A lot of people like comfort. And when it comes to lingerie, many brands are making materials easier to wear while still having that stylish edge. Sustainable materials are really huge and why not feel comfy while looking your most devastating.

What is your favourite tasteful lingerie trend for the holiday season?

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Written by Heather Noire