28 March 2019

70's Revival: How denim is making a comeback

From clothing to accessories, it seems the comfortable iconic fabric known as denim is making a splash for spring and summer. What is so chic about this, is the idea you can wear it super casual and pair it with practically anything you own. 

It doesn’t surprise me anymore when the past comes into the present and works its way into our everyday lives. Look at cross bodies as an example. They were around years ago, now everyone carries one. I happen to love how convenient they are especially, on a very busy shopping spree.
Photo: Vogue Italian Label
The most exciting part about this 70’s overload is how realistic we can be with this style. Not only is it wearable, but the versatility is so endless. Which makes shopping for different tones that more fun & exciting. Different colours, whether it is washed out light blue or darker denim has a more casual look, while the other tone can be more polished for dressier occasions. 

You can really dress up denim and rock it every day, which makes your style game even more worth the hard work. It is important to choose wisely. Make sure your denim is soft, comfortable, with a nice clean appearance. 
Photo: Getty Images Denim 
When it comes to denim, you don’t have to use the newer seasons, such as spring and summer as an excuse to wear this stylish fabric. It can be worn all the time, no matter the season or occasion. I practically have been a denim jean lover my whole life. 

Not only are they flattering and fashionable, but you can wear them all the time and feel so comfortable without sacrificing your true stylish self. And they come in all different styles which makes shopping that more exciting. 
Photo: Pinterest Denim Inspo
I love how sleek this fabric can be plus, it is universally flattering. If you have your focus right, you will notice no matter where you travel around the world denim is really a well-loved fabric of choice. The different things made of denim are so unique and I find myself loving this season because of the stylish choices in the stores and online. 
Photo: Denim Jeans Getty Images 
Shop the styles I picked out below to see the different ways to wear this cool material. 

How do you wear denim? 

Written by Heather Noire   

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25 March 2019

5 Styles for Spring with a Soft Focus

We look forward to spring for so many reasons. Sure, there’s the whole no-more layer’s situation, but it’s the fresh fashion offerings that really get us going. Most noteworthy? All of the pretty softer hues. Because come on, what’s more uplifting than steeping out in a new outfit with a softer focus, and even a romantic feel.
Even though street style photography gets our trends flowing. Most of us, still have our eyes peeled to the runways for the latest styles. If there was one major surprise on the spring catwalks, it was the dominance mauve pink, white, and even yellow. There is, however, one huge caveat: “these typical colours” are no longer referred to a dull basic hue, but rather a spectrum of luxe shades- from bold, to delicate. These variations are retro with a modern flare.
Photo: Amanda Douglas Events
Mauve pink is no longer a sweet tone. As spring makes its long-awaited entrance, we are making our arrival with enchanted beautiful styles that feel like something out of timeless daydreams. This elegant colour, can be so versatile because it just has such a soft appearance. You don’t always have to focus on a harsh tone to really be ready to take the season by storm. I love how it just glides in, as to say, “I am here but, I knew I always would be.” Personally, it is one of my favourite colours this year. 
Photo: Lulus

When it comes to white, it is basically as classic as black. It goes with everything and you can wear it all year round. You know that term, don’t wear white after labour day? Well, that is defiantly a myth that we fashionistas are breaking with every step we take. From accessories, to incredible shoes. This crisp freshly brought out evergreen tone, is really lovely and goes with the dressiest look, to the ever so fun casual appearance. You really can’t go wrong. In fact, I feel like we all need whiter pieces in our wardrobe now.
Photo: Lulus

Delicious butter on toast, to the most scrumptious pound cake with vanilla cream icing. We all love this happy, yet luscious colour that is yellow. I know, food descriptions, but they sound delicious no? Yellow can be one of the trickiest tones I mentioned here. Mainly, because it tends to be hard to find the right shade. The best way is to focus on one piece that is minimal. So, you can get a sample without having to order the entire meal if that makes sense. 
Photo: Lulus

Below I have compiled 5 styles for Spring that combine these wonderful colours but with a more softer focus. 

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What do you think of these colours for spring?

Written by Heather Noire  

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