12 August 2021

Chanel's Take On Modernism: The 6 Bags I'm Obsessed With


Modernism, is defined as, a break with the past and the concurrent search for new forms of expression. Modernism fostered a period of experimentation in the late 19th century to the mid 20th century, particularly in the years following World War 1. 

In an era characterised by industrialisation, rapid social change, and advances in science and the social sciences. New ideas in psychology, philosophy, and political theory, kindled a search for new modes of expression. 

The modernist impulse is present and fuelled by the expansion of varied categories in the fashion industry. One in particular that comes to mind, is the ever so classic Chanel. Chanel as a whole is recognisably, the most iconic Parisian brand worldwide. And when it comes to redemption and renewal in a vintage and modern landscape, the iconic brand is coming out swinging with all the chic punches, when it comes to their fall accessories lineup. 

Chanel Iconic Bag
Photo: Chanel.com 

When we define modernism, Chanel is taking an active role in interpreting a glamorous sensation for your eyes. The bold soft fabrics, and shocking serge of new hardware hues will have you in a shopping frenzy. This literally gives you a legitimate excuse to buy a new accessory for the fall and winter season. And a beautiful sparkling handbag is worth its weight in gold. 

The movement of taking on iconic classic designs, and giving them a new look is just the fun we need to get our style inspiration mojo going strong. And these 6 bags from Chanel do the job perfectly, I am completely obsessed. 

Which new fall bag from Chanel are you obsessed with? 

Written by Heather Noire 

Check these styles out for yourself, and shop the accessories below. 

Mini 2.55 Handbag
Chanel Metallic Grained Calfskin & Copper-tone Metal Copper Mini 2.55  SHOP HERE 

Chanel Sherling Lambskin B&W Shopping bag
Chanel B&W Shearling Lambskin Shopping Tote  SHOP HERE 

Chanel aged calfskin flap bag
Chanel Aged Calfskin & Gold-Tone Metal Black Flap Bag  SHOP HERE 

Chanel embroidered tweed flap bag
Chanel Embroidered Wool Tweed & Ruthenium-Finished Metal Black, Pink Flap Bag  SHOP HERE 

Chanel sequin flap bag
Chanel Sequins & Ruthenium-Finish Metal Black Large Flap Bag  SHOP HERE 

Chanel Shearling Lambskin Large Flap Bag
Chanel Shearling Lambskin & Gold-Tone Metal Pink & Black Large Flap Bag  SHOP HERE 


10 August 2021

From Paris With Love: My Style Picks

B&W Photography Chanel

Long-revered for its history of esteemed culture and the birthplace for fashion, Paris is home to a diverse community that appreciates the nitty gritty of the city life as well as chic architecture and a thoughtfully curated selection of style. Fashion trailblazers hailing from this romantic city all have something widely in common. They are always dressed to mid perfection and do so with ease.

Authenticity, boldness, and beauty that radiates from the inside out. Is how the Parisian traits are described. And this is what makes this belle city much more alluring. 

Paris, France

As I sit patiently typing this at a local cafe, Cafe de Flore to be exact. I find myself enjoying the darker clouds as I know rain is about to make its presence well known. That doesn’t phase me, since all I can think about is the cool crisp air, while I fade into a stylish atmosphere.

Paris, France

Whether you’ve been living in Paris, France all your life or are passing through, this stylish city is a must-see for any fashion enthusiast looking to treat themselves to a fabulous find to treat themselves. And being good to ones self is the best medicine we can ever take. 

While far from the city, or on another continent, consider this your guide to some of my style picks. 

Street Style Fashion

It may sound excessive, but besides the whole "dressed to impress" aspect comes to mind. This also is included with designer jeans. They are worth the investment and well made. 

Olivia Street Style

You can't go through the changing seasons without having a much anticipated tailored coat. It not only looks expensive, but it can upgrade your outfit in a matter of seconds. 

Chanel Vintage

When it comes to looking camera ready, nothing can dress up your style more than the perfect stylish arm candy. Everyone needs a great timeless handbag to really make your outfit pop. 

Gucci sunglasses

The most in demand accessory is for your eyes. Designer sunglasses, are one of my favourite pieces to own and these Gucci shades are so chic. 

H&M trousers

This particular item should be in everyone’s closet already. It not only is highly versatile, but you can wear it all season long. A pair of tailored trousers. The higher the waist and fitted it is to perfection.


Which stylish pick is your favourite? 

Written by Heather Noire 




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