How can you transform your day outfit into an evening dress on a trip?

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When you are on vacation, there are times when you do not have the time and the mood to change your attire from day to night. Many people think that only changing the outfit can do the game, but it's not true. A few additions and changes in dressing can easily transform the look from day to night.

It is common for people to be in their comfort wear all day long and do not feel like changing even for their evening party. Don't worry; if you are one of them, you only need a few accessories with you to make the changes. This article mentions tips for women to hone the chic look from morning to evening without changing their dress. Read on!

Add jewellery

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Before you get on board your location, you should buy clothes that you can easily transform into your day-night outfits. The best is to purchase luxury resort wear such as harem pants, kaftans, hats, etc. You will not need to change the attire; adding a piece of jewelry to match the evening theme will work like magic. Look at your outfit and understand the requirements of the evening party. If you are going to dinner, wear something classy. However, if you must stroll through the town market, opt for matching earrings, bracelets, and a neckpiece. You'd be surprised to witness the change a little piece of jewelry can bring to your outfit.


Change the footwear

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Beaches and resorts call for comfy footwear, so you must wear flip-flops, slippers, or comfortable shoes. When you want to transform the outlook, you should focus on your footwear and change them to match the evening vibe. For instance, wearing shorts and a tee under a kaftan, you can pair it with flat sandals or slip-on. Likewise, if you are wearing hiking shoes, you should change into something else that will enhance the outfit and transform it into a night look.

Do a little something with your makeup

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Makeup is a game-changer. Some women like wearing makeup while others do not. You will find women who follow a full makeup routine and change their makeup depending on the time of the event. So, you can use this trick too. If you are a makeup lover wearing a day look, you can transform the makeup into an evening tint. Likewise, if you are not wearing any makeup, you can put on some gloss, eyeliner, and kohl. Do a nice hairdo, and you're done. There is no pressure to change the outfit; instead, you can rock the night look by putting on a little makeup.


Dress in layers

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It is a general rule that you should dress in layers whether you are out for vacation or leading your work life. It helps you change your outlook within minutes. If you are on a beach and wearing a kaftan over your tee and shorts, then you can choose any one of the outfits. Similarly, some people add a shrug or a jacket over their dress to transform it. So, you don't have to carry many clothes; instead, you can layer up and down to create unique looks without changing the outfits much.


Final words

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The main rule for traveling is to carry the essentials and travel light as much as possible. So, it would help if you sought the look beforehand and had as many accessories as possible and bags to bring an instant change in the outfit. Use a lip gloss as a blush on tint, and you're ready for the night.

*Written by Heather Noire, Contributing Writer Emma Baker