5 Things You Need To Know About Visiting New York City

Despite everything going on in the world, consumers are expected to be traveling for the fall earlier than ever this year. And when it comes to figuring out where to go, that is an easy choice New York City. It is the one city on the planet that has everything in one sitting. You get the essence of London from the cobble stone streets and a little bit of Paris with the older historic architecture. The shapes of the city can really transport you and make every emotion creep up in the best possible way.

Before you reconsider coming to check out New York City for yourself, I would suggest you pack for the weather. And make sure to bring a few good pair of comfortable walking shoes, you are going to need them. Unless you prefer to ride the subway and take a few unnecessary cab rides through Time Square.

One thing most people should never do when they are traveling is act like a tourist. It just makes you stand out for all the wrong reasons. And can make you be a victim of crime, especially when you are in a city that you are not familiar with. The way to avoid this is use a lot of common sense. And keep your eyes open to the surrounding areas around you.

But before you decide to check the city out for yourself, there are 5 things you need to know before visiting New York City.

                Know Your Hotels

The city has a lot of hotels to choose from. And doing your own little research before you arrive is key. Make sure the hotel fits your own personal style and has the needs you are comfortable with. Also consider the view. Do you want it to be right off the city? Near the famous Central Park? Or more of a bed & breakfast vibe? A hotel I completely recommend without hesitation is Refinery Hotel. It is a chic hotel with stylish rooms with industrial flair, plus a fitness room, and a gastropub with a rooftop lounge. Oh yes, did I mention the food and drinks are epic! 63 W 38th St, New York, NY 10018• (646) 664-0310

          The Best Food


If you decide to order room service instead of venturing out into the city, then you might as well stay home. The whole point in coming to New York, is to taste the best food. And all that exploring can work up an appetite so add some dessert.

Might I suggest for a pizza lover, NY Pizza Suprema. It is located right off Madison Square Garden and has the options of takeout or pickup. Plus, you get to get a slice or order a whole pizza. It is the best pizzeria in the city and the tables are pandemic friendly, spaced out and isolated from each other for safety. The staff are very delightful, and the food is delicious. The sauce is out of this world combined with the soft dough.


For dessert, The Evercake is the best establishment for that creamy delectable melt in your mouth cake you have been searching for. They have so many flavours and the selection is the best thing about New York.

      Visit Fashionphile


One thing every fashion lover needs to do is visit a consignment shop.

Why? Because the opportunity to find a unique item is essential.

When it comes to visiting Fashionphile at 601 West 26th Street in NYC. It is the flagship store and let me tell you they take high end consignment to another level. It is an experience when you go inside. The interior is just dive and the handbags and accessories are heavenly. They have a whole world online but being in their flagship store in person is completely spectacular.

    Levi’s Store



If you are a denim love like me, then you will not miss this opportunity to check out the Levi store 1535 Broadway. Not only is it a cool constructed set up, but you get the opportunity for a custom experience, and did I mention the staff is great to? They always have great prices on some iconic pieces.


   Go To Onieal’s

It is located at 174 Grand St, NY. It has that relaxed vibe while keeping its incredibly chic vibe all around. And it is the place that is featured in Sex & The City in case anyone wants to get a cocktail and live in the ladies’ metropolitan heels. They offer a tasty menu and the best drinks in all the city.

If you plan to take a trip, consider visiting NYC. It is a melting pot of culture everywhere you turn and enriched with such vibrant history.