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The Dazzling Disco Party Edit

Lights, camera, action, glitter! Everyone wishes to step into the spotlight with a little personality now and then. And why not do the honours this festive season with a dazzling disco party edit. This way, you have your Christmas and New Year’s completely covered. Glitter and sequins don’t just convey an instant happy look, but it creates a feeling when you have it on like you are about to go somewhere fabulous.

I mean when it comes to one of the happiest time of year don’t, we all just want to believe in magic. Well, rocking this shinny fabric in multiple styles will make you feel like you’re in an old-time movie and shinning from every angle, so you are the star on the Christmas tree.

And when it comes to thinking disco is dead? This certainty isn’t the case when it comes to your wardrobe this holiday season. The metallics are taking over with a very casual fashion-forward look and for any style mavin it is defiantly worth the look. Trends can be either enticing, or incredibly tacky but when it comes to this disco edit, it is worth checking out for yourself. Who knows, I might convince you to step out of your neutral comfort zone and be a bit adventurous this season and all year round. 

To get you into the shinny trendy spirit, I picked a few styles to inspire you to rock this disco fever trend all in time for Christmas and have you sparkling into New Year’s for 2023! You can also shop some of these styles for your own hot disco edit.

     Always Make A Statement

Sequin handbag with mirror detail MANGO

When it comes to making a statement, the statement accessory is essential. This sequin handbag with mirror detail will make any style look glamorous. MANGO Buy Here

              Mix Silver With Edge

MANGO Leather effect biker jacket

It is always a great idea to mix silver and black. It gives a timeless style and adding a mixture of edge with metallics just makes sense. Edge up your feminine style. MANGO Leather effect jacket Buy Here

     Just Add A Necklace

MANGO Crystal knot necklace

The finishing touches to any outfit is the sparkling jewellery. It is the dazzling piece that needs to shine bright in the spotlight. The sensible method, just add a necklace. MANGO Crystal knots necklace Buy Here 

               Shinny Belt

MANGO Strass Buckle Belt
Talk about sizzling shiny magic. This sparkling belt takes a classic outfit to a dazzling level that will complement anyone's Studio 54 inspiration. MANGO Strass Buckle Belt Buy Here 

              A Simple Top

MANGO Lurex knitted top
When it comes to the simple things in life, all you need is class. And what better way than to rock a simple top you can wear with virtually anything and look extraordinary. MANGO Lurex Knitted Top Buy Here

    Universally Flattering

MANGO Long Lurex Sequin Dress

When it comes to finding that special dress, you want one that can be worn throughout the day and change your accessories for a night on the town. MANGO Long Lurex Dress Buy Here

              Disco Dress Code

MANGO Metallic Details Dress

When it comes to strict dress codes the disco season is making an exception when it figures complete details. And this dress will give you all the glitz without the hassle. MANGO Metallic Details Dress Buy Here

      Add Another Bag

MANGO Rhinestone Chain Bag

I am a sucker for a great handbag, and if you know my bag addict confession, I love handbags, then you would know I couldn't just discuss one. Another dashing accessory to complete that stylish festive look. MANGO Rhinestone Chain Bag Buy Here 

    Disco Dress Codes 

MANGO Disco Dress Codes

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Written By Heather Noire