The 5 Best Accessories To Shop From Bonheur Jewelry

Bonheur Jewelry

If you don’t know who jewelry designer Bonheur Jewelry is, chances are you’ve seen their work on the likes of, Christy Turlington, Ellie Goulding, Dakota Johnsons, and many more. They are the designer jewelry who are committed to using sustainable materials and practices in everything they do; from the way they construct the jewelry to how they package and ship it. They want to make an easy for customers to shop eco-friendly without having to sacrifice style or quality. 

What is so great about find the best accessories to elevate any outfit to a whole new level, is how you can wear earrings, rings, necklaces, bracelets, and instantly feel the story behind the designers reach. Bonheaur Jewelry’s designs are inspired by the fast-pacing world around us, and the stories of the women who wear them proudly. They use only the highest quality materials, sourced from around the world. Quality can be tough to find with brands today. And is another reason to take a chance on a brand that practices what they preach.

Bonheur Jewelry
Photo: Bonheur Jewelry

Vintage meets modern, with a brand-new twist. Collections, like the muse, classic, and more take you to another time. Even so, the brands story is they are inspired by their grandmother’s jewelry collection, Bonheur Jewelry started with a mission to create timeless pieces that could be passed down for generations. And believe that jewelry should be way more than just an accessory; it should tell a story. 

The collections are so gorgeous. You can find a few pieces to give as gifts or buy something special for yourself. With the seasons changing and full spring in bloom, I highly recommend picking up a new accessory to wear with your best outfit. I have compiled a few pieces to shop below that I think would make the perfect accessory.

Written by Heather Noire

Emilia Pave Stud Earrings Bonheur Jewelry
Photo: Emilia Pave Stud Earrings SHOP HERE 

 These stud earrings make for a glamorous look. And can be a true statement. 

Lucia Curve Ring Bonheur Jewelry
Photo: Lucia Curve Ring Bonheur Jewelry SHOP HERE 

All part of the Champagne collection, this curve ring gives a unique take on a traditional and timeless look. 

Laurel Classic Gold Bangle Bracelet Bonheur
Photo: Laurel Classic Gold Bangle Bracelet Bonheur SHOP HERE 

If you are thinking of a classic piece that never goes out of style, a bangle is the best choice. It is gold and just gorgeous. 

Ambroise Three Strand Crystal Necklace Bonheur
Photo: Ambroise Three Strand Crystal Necklace SHOP HERE 

When it comes to the stacking method, this style for necklaces is defiantly in trend for spring. This Ambroise Three Strand Necklace comes in gold, silver, and rose gold to stack your must have accessories. 

Billie Link Chain Earrings Bonheur Jewelry
Photo: Billie Link Chain Earrings SHOP HERE 

The best accessory, that looks edgy and classy at the same time is chain link earrings. What is great about Bonheur is they offer these stunning earrings in both silver, gold, and rose gold. How stunning will your ears look. 

Which out of the 5 accessories from Bonheur Jewelry are your favourite?