Why The Real Real is The Number One Place to Shop Consignment

The Real Real Consignment Luxury Shop
When it comes to luxury consignment, most people aren’t sure the best places to shop. Take the luxury market in general, it is so widespread that picking just one outlet is a task. To help fix this issue, The Real Real literally has come to the rescue. It is the only luxury consignment shop I trust. Not just online but in person as well. I have shopped with other places previously, but I found fault with some of them over the years. Either the prices are way higher, or the variety is lacking.


For me personally, I love shopping with The Real Real online because of the number of brands they carry. They aren’t “brand snobs” like some places who only have strict guidelines what they allow to consign and sell in their store. I love how at 10am in the morning, new arrivals come on and you can see the latest luxury goods for the picking, an assortment of handbags, accessories, clothes, and even furniture & jewellery. When you sign up for an account which is free to do so, you get a 25 dollar credit to use to any purchase on the site.


I am very careful when it comes to shopping luxury consignment and getting a company you trust is very crucial. If you have shopped and consigned with The Real Real before, then you have a pretty good idea what I am getting at here. What makes it coinvent is they have a great return policy. Even if something is marked “Final Sale” if something happens to be wrong with the listing, or not as described they will refund you. All you must do is contact them and tell them your issue. The customer service team is very effective at helping you in a timely manner. 


I have put together a few reason why The Real Real is the number one place to shop luxury consignment. And a few items that I think would make great purchases for any consignment lover. 


They have brands under 100 dollars

Granted the item might be on sale for this. But it’s great to have a budget friendly price point for customers since this gives options. 

The Real Real Luxury Consignment Store

There is always unique finds 

You can browse online or in person and their shops and see what unique finds that can make you fall for the fun experience. And you feel like no one else will be rocking your unique item. 

Saint Laurent Jacket The Real Real

 I am all about this unique find of a jacket from Saint Laurent. It has a tough look while still being completely feminine. 

They Sell Jewellery 

This could probably go under unique find, but I love how The Real Real sells jewellery of all kinds. Since some consignment shops are limited. 

HERMÈS Leather Micro Kelly Bracelet

This Hermes leather Micro Kelly Bracelet is a steal and classic piece for only 300 dollars. And it can go with anything and look so chic. 

Vintage is a plus

You can find a section on the menu for vintage pieces. Whether it is in jewellery, great clothes, or even handbags. Vintage pieces are here and available for the taking. And I just love the vibe that vintage luxury items have that some new designs are defiantly lacking in. 

CHANEL Vintage Textured CC Clip-On Earrings

I love these eye catching gold earrings from Chanel. They are actually clip on which is so fun and vintage. And they go with any outfit for a bit of a dressy look. 

They have Jeans

This is a holy grail moment. It can be hard to shop jeans on consignment unless you go to some thrift places that carry fast fashion brands. For me finding these Saint Laurent rocking jeans is a steal. 

SAINT LAURENT Straight Leg Pants

Jeans alone are difficult to find consignment and I feel these beauties from Saint Laurent would match that awesome jacket to make a lovely outfit. 

Let's get some Shoes 

Some people actually put together and determine their entire outfit around shoes and The Real Real carries as many styles as you can think up. Since I am in a way putting together an outfit to shop on here, I think these shoes work smashing with this outfit. 

BURBERRY Leather Pumps Size: 9 | IT 39

These boots from Burberry scream femininity and glamour at the same time. And they have just that right detail to not overpower the look. 

Handbags Here We Come

They have every style, leather, canvas, brand, and colour that your heart is attracted towards. And being that I am a handbag addict myself, sorry, not sorry. I can tell you that its fun to get some eye candy. 

CELINE Mini Clasp Shoulder Bag
To put some fun into this glamour rocker look. I am going for a classic design from Celine but adding a pop of colour to really set this outfit a blaze. I think a hint of colour in an accessory can showcase your personality. This Celine Mini Clasp shoulder bag is to beautiful to ignore. 

What do you think about this awesome outfit I put together from The Real Real? 

Written by Heather Noire