The Denim Shop: Levi's Top 5 Jeans For Women

The Denim Shop: Levi's Top 5 Jeans For Women

What is new in the denim shop, these 5 new stylish jeans from Levi’s. This brand is the pinacol of a top tier denim company. They have been around for many years, but they never miss having that evergreen feel, when it comes to the timeless denim status. Everyone from young to old and anyone in between loves Levi’s. It is a global brand that seems to get better with age. 

Like a good pair of jeans, you wear with every outfit. And the versatility factor means you can dress for a casual style, but make it have a funky dressy feel. I just love jeans myself because they have a one and done connection. You put them on, and your outfit is automatically coordinated from your jeans. 

The Denim Shop: Levi's Top 5 Jeans For Women
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The biggest issue for people buying jeans is how do you get the right cut that truly suits you? It is a very simple solution you stick with a classic. And don’t get it confused, sometimes there are jeans styles that have become trendy like 90’s fashion for example, but don’t fret. If you aren’t a fan of trends just know these styles still go under classics that will never go out of style. 

In a way, Levi jeans are truly an investment since they are with you for years and you get your money out of them with continual use. You can get a lot of great deals on their website as well. If you sign up with your email you can get 30 percent off your purchase and who doesn’t like a deal! 


I have coordinated these 5 pairs of jeans from the denim shop so you can shop these great jeans and maybe even buy a pair to wear with your next killer outfit. 


501 Original Fit Women’s Jeans


These jeans are the ultimate classic. And in this lighter wash here they can be your go-to pair of jeans. I personally love this pick the most because they have that iconic image Levi’s is known for but still have a way to look modern at the same time. 


724 High-Rise Slim Straight Cropped Jeans 


These jeans have a high-rise. I don’t know about you, but I think high-rise jeans are so stylish. They remind me of the add with Brooke Shields and they give every woman an incredible boost to their figure. You can wear them casual with a pair of trainers, boots, or even dress them up for a dressy relaxed look. 



501 Women’s Chaps Jeans 

Levi's 501® WOMEN'S CHAPS

Levi Strauss introduced these jeans in 1873 and they have never gone out of style. A classic straight leg with iconic styling, these are the blueprint for every pair of modern jeans created. And they have a cool look in white to give a crisp appearance. 


501 90s Women’s Jeans 

Levi's 501® ‘90S WOMEN'S JEANS

Speaking of 90s fashion, yes, it is still a thing. These jeans just scream 90s. From size, to silhouette, you can’t miss them. But it is all in how you wear them to make it your own. These are the jeans you have always dreamed of snagging in a thrift store. Classic mid-rise with a straight leg loose fit. It makes you want to rock it with a crop top and trainers. 


      501 Cropped Women’s Jeans 


These classic straight leg jeans are perfect to wear daily. But make them cropped and in living colour and you know it becomes a pop to your outfit. I love these in red because it is a ravishing hue and has that x factor to really look to another iconic level.  


Which 5 Levi jeans from the denim shop is your favourite? 


Written by Heather Noire