H&M's Classic Home Pieces to Get Us Raring for Spring

H&M Classic Home Pieces to Get Us Raring for Spring

Spring is upon us and the way to make transitioning into a new season an easy breeze is to start with a fresh take on home décor pieces. Not many of us start to think about buying new furniture or adding something special to our already beautiful pieces in our living rooms, drawing areas, or even a den with flare. But making Spring an easy season to prepare for is essential. 

This isn’t exactly a “trend” bearing subject matter. On the contrary, it is a newly evolved classic take on home décor but done in a more minimal style. I am not a fan when it comes to new-age ways of styling your interior space. I just think new designs are kind of tacky and don’t necessarily go with the flow of your home. The most important way to make your living space feel comfortable, warm, and inviting is to pick pieces with an authentic accent. 

That just fits perfectly intertwined with your attitude and style sense. Like clothes, décor styles need to feel like who you are and make a statement based on this. It is like a lovely outfit you are pairing with a gorgeous, tailored coat, lived-in jeans, and a pair of the lushest leather boots you could ever feel. Yes, classic home pieces need to not just look presentable but feel like you. 

It can’t always be an easy task. At times we get a sense of wanting to keep up with the latest style trends. What are people raving over and seeing if somehow these looks can work with our aesthetic? This can’t be the easiest method, not everyone is a fan of the same look. And just because a chair, lamp, or coach has a cool style or possibly reminds you of the stylish 90s. Don’t forget the important factor here, it must feel exactly like you and something you could see yourself, having displayed perfectly where you happen to be living.

 Otherwise, it can end up looking like a miss mash. This isn’t easy because so many styles bombard us constantly, whether it is on social media or TV shows we can’t get enough of seeing, Billions, or Home Décor Shows. We always find ourselves getting inspired maybe by an antique-style lamp or a table that would go perfectly in the dining room. It can be one piece of interior décor that just sets off an entire room for the better. 

Looking at H&M’s vibrant selection, I have picked out a few pieces that will just help you transition right into Spring and make it a breeze. 

The Lounge Chair

H&M Classic Home Pieces Lounge Chair
Photo: H&M Classic Home Pieces

A curved design with rattan details and an upholstered seat will make this your new favourite seat. It has a classic design and can match just about any area of your home. 


The Cabinet

H&M Classic Home Pieces Cabinet
Photo: H&M Website Classic Home Pieces

High and sleek, this cabinet will be the centrepiece of any room. The rattan details add a see-through look, hiding your things while still being incredibly elegant. 


The Coffee Table 

H&M Classic Home Pieces Coffee Table
H&M Classic Home Pieces off their website

The clear, tempered glass top gives this coffee table a refined touch. Match with a side table decorated with a stone top. 


The Drink Cart

H&M Classic Home Pieces Drink Cart
Photo: H&M Website of their classic home collection

Create a classic cocktail station in your living room with a new drink cart. It looks so gorgeous and can be perfect for entertaining guests at dinner parties and get-togethers. 


Shelf with a Hook

H&M Home Pieces Shelf with a Hook
Photo: H&M Website

This is perfect to hang a coat or possibly your robe when you get out of the bathroom. It has a very charming and stylish look that makes it fit into any classic design. 


When it comes to transitioning into Spring, I hope these stunning classic home pieces from H&M have inspired you to rethink your interiors. Which pieces are your most favourite?